Morning in the bunker


  • Breaking: Video Surfaces of Andrew Breitbart in Compromising Position with Goat
  • States that allow same-sex marriage vs. states that allow marriage between first-cousins. America!


  • Digby: I do hope the Democrats are paying close attention to this because it might just save their bacon if they play their cards right. [...] going after teachers, cops and firefighters is a very, very dangerous thing to do. And as I wrote before, the Democrats should throw it right in their face.
  • Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens dead at 86. RIP. Gruesome new details just out from the AP on the crash that killed him and others, while some miraculously survived.
  • Derp! So much FAIL from those who would try to defend the Snowbilly Grifter former-half-term Governor. Behold.


  • The public health emergency triggered by the emergence of the H1N1 virus “should be considered over,” an emergency committee of the World Health Organization said Tuesday.

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2 thoughts on “Morning in the bunker

  1. Hey Charyl,
    Followed one of your tweets here, and your quote from Newton Leroy’s article in Esquire caught my eye, as I’ve pulled it out for a post I’m working on. What a complete f’n disconnect from moral values. How can such an egomaniacal dooshbag fool so many people so much of the time?!

    Nice little blog you got here; we’ll be back when we need coffee and shelter. Oh wait— that’s everyday… well, whenever we can. ;-)

    • Thanks! :) Apparently to Gingrich and the GOP, hypocrisy is much easier to live with — and more politically expedient — than actually living the way you pretend to, or propose for others. I read your post about the Esquire article on Newt. It’s amazing that so many take him seriously, isn’t it?

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