Women and airport scanners: they can see sanitary napkins and tampons?

http://rawreplaymedia.com/media/2010/1009/29205_airport_x-ray_scanner_sexy_woman_naked_b.jpgThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) now admits that airport scanners that can see through clothes to create images of the naked body can also detect sanitary napkins.

New York Times reporter Joe Sharkey wrote that he was getting a lot of question from women who travel in a little noticed article Monday.

“Do the imagers, for example, detect sanitary napkins?” women wanted to know. “Yes,” wrote Sharkey.

“Does that then necessitate a pat-down? The T.S.A. couldn’t say. Screeners, the T.S.A. has said, are expected to exercise some discretion.”

“And what about tampons?” asked the blog Feminist Peace Network. “They look kind of like sticks of dynamite. Are they going to ask us to pull them out and show them just to be sure?”

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This is bullshit.



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