Government shutdown: House to begin review of next short-term CR today at noon EST

You’ll be able to watch on CSPAN (12:00 p.m. EST).

Will another CR be approved through April 8?  Here’s what I’ve found this morning:

Spending plan: Resistance to second stopgap spending deal rises in Congress: The tension surrounding the issue could derail efforts to keep the government operating past Friday, when the current funding measure expires and stops the flow of money to federal agencies. Conservative Republicans reject the temporary approach as insufficient, and some Democrats oppose another extension because the cuts are too deep.

Reid: GOP refusal to compromise could force government shutdown: In a floor statement [yesterday] (full transcript at the link), Reid accused Republicans of refusing to negotiate and said that if they don’t come to the table with some new ideas, they will be to blame for shutting down the federal government. Reid said that while Democrats have shown a willingness to compromise, Republicans have offered “no reasonable cuts” and have shown “no willingness to compromise and no sense of shared responsibility.” Reid said we cannot “keep funding this country a couple of weeks at a time” and “if no budget passes and we cannot keep this country running, it will be clear which side will bear that burden.”

Conservative groups say no to spending extension: A major national Tea Party organization is joining other conservative groups in calling for Republican lawmakers in Congress to vote against a three week extension to fund the federal government and prevent a government shutdown.


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