Government shutdown: don’t ‘high five’ the 2011 spending cuts deal until after today’s vote

UPDATE: Watch it on CSpan

There’s been a lot of teasing and laughter from the Left (TPMDC, DailyKos, The Guardian, etc.) over the actual numbers coming out of a recent CBO report on the spending cuts that were agreed to last Friday night — and the actual amounts of those cuts.

Well, in case anyone forgot, the House votes on it today and the Teaparty Republican members are starting to melt down…

(PBS) House Vote on Budget Compromise Looks to Be Rocky

The Wall Street Journal’s Naftali Bendavid has the numbers from the Congressional Budget Office:

“A new analysis by the Congressional Budget Office suggests that the 2011 spending deal struck by Republicans and Democrats late Friday would save only about $352 million this year, a small fraction of the $38.5 billion touted by negotiators on both sides.

These numbers make House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s job to get to 218 votes for passage on the House floor Thursday much more difficult. He’s also almost certain to need votes from Democrats to get the bill passed. Originally, House GOP leadership was looking to be able to do this with Republican votes alone.

The conservative National Review editorializes against the budget deal Thursday, calling it “strike one against the Speakership of John Boehner.” Read more…

John Boehner’s twitter stream this morning:

The stopgap CR that was voted on last Friday night keeps the government open only through tomorrow night.

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