Rapture Day prank


On Saturday May 21, 2011, October 21, 2011, December 21, 2012 take some of your unwanted clothes and shoes and leave sets of them arranged on sidewalks and lawns around town.

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35 thoughts on “Rapture Day prank

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  6. You can add a nice surreal nature to the gag by hanging around where you can watch the clothes you’ve left out, and when someone stops to look, casually walk by and look with them for a few seconds. Then pick the clothes up, check them out, and walk away like “Sweet I just got some new clothes.” :)

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  8. I was just thinking about giving away old clothes to the poor this morning….maybe some of those posting above will enjoy them? See you all on Monday…business as usual. Oh that we could be so lucky as to “be lifted up” tomorrow! No more credit card bills, aches, pains…..just jolly times in heaven. Oh well….love the idea though!!!

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  10. I was thinking of going one father- Using bleach soaked boots and leaving footprints scorched into the spring grass. Using ashes from over a week of smoking sifted of the butts and some left over pork bones from roast last week too. Bake a tshirt and jeans I can’t wear- that have been startched- to the point they are stiff and brittle. and then leaving those on the parking lot next to the big burning footprints and dying grass in a human outline- as if someone had been judged and incinerated. But with my luck it’d still be raining or too windy…and baking some old shoes to crispness just doesn’t sound like it’d smell good…so they’ll get a nice old battery acid bath and be left smoking as the sun rises… unfortunately in my neighborhood- it’s crackheads and alcoholics for the most part who wouldn’t know what to make of the mess and likely would call the cops…and then the news would come- and then they’d go head hunting. Everyone knows I’m a writer and ex-navy Nuke and ex-army with a college degree- likely the only one capable of carrying off such a prank…I dread the knock… “Mr Evans. Can we have a word with you?”- I always get in trouble by replying, “Just one? Sure, that never takes long. Which one did you have in mind? I’d like to get back to bed, bad migraines you know…” No humor those public servants…

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  12. Unfortunately, the event was taken down, but on facebook there was the suggestion to leave a pair of shoes with dry ice inside (smoking effect). Someone else suggested a gay pride tshirt left with them.

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  16. We should find Harold Camping’s house and prank the hell out of him with this. It’ll be hilarious to make the old crackpot think god left him behind. xD

  17. Thats Hilarious, if I lived in the US that I would rush out and do right now! Unfortunately people aren’t so hysterical about ”End of Days’’ prophesies :(

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  19. To complete the mockery you should add a niqab or turban, stripper clothing, or lots of wiccan jewelery. Just sayin’.

  20. i just documented my “Rapture” here in NYC and hung around after and took pics, watching the crowd, and only one little kid even seemed to noticed, hilarious. The Rapture is nigh and no one will even notice, at least here in NY. same effing day man…

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  25. The end does not come until the goblins in my head say so! Right now they spend most their time doing each other, even from the back, like goddammit guinea pigs! one day they will organize, and make this proclamation to me. I will tell you when. not before!

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