Jon Stewart on the Teaparty members who refused to vote for the debt compromise bill

What the fuck, Tea Partiers? What the fee-fi-fo-fuck? You control less than one-half of one chamber of Congress, and yet have somehow convinced everybody they’ve gotta slash trillions in spending because of the ‘deficit crisis.’ Many Republicans supported extending the largest contributing policy piece to our deficit — THE BUSH TAX CUTS!!! — take the win!

What are you so angry about? TAKE THE WIN! What are you still angry about? Yes (sardonic) — government still exists. We still have traffic lights. We’re sorry. Not everybody defines ‘freedom’ as ‘the ability to not pay taxes.’ Government isn’t perfect, but some people wish it was better — not gone. This whole process has been like, you’re in a bank, it’s a negotiation where you got some hostages, and after getting everything you wanted, you’re still like, ‘Hey — I still get to kill the hostages, right?

JON STEWART, on petulant Tea Party members who refused to vote for the debt compromise bill, on The Daily Show.

Fuck the Tea Party.

(via inothernews | image: theinquietude)

The video clip:

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