More on Walmart: Horror stories (people who worked there)

Four Walmart employment tales from Gawker:

“We got 10% every day and 20% off of one item at Christmas. (Who needs a union with employment incentives like that.)

“I worked at Wal-Mart for almost a year and can definitely attest to all the negatives that were posted. I specifically remember not just a lecture about how bad unions are, but at least two videos as well. I’m sitting there, as a history major, just incredulous at the blatant propaganda. I looked at the people around me to see if they were as stunned as I was, but they were taking it all in and were completely non-plussed…

“The issue of feces is an ever-present problem at all Walmart stores, even at the relatively upscale location I worked at in Carlsbad, California. I once saw a woman stash a soiled diaper behind items on a store shelf. With several trashcans nearby, I could never figure out why she did it. The cheap thrill of knowing that there was an employee who’s life was probably worse hers that would have to clean up after her child, that for once in her miserable life, somebody else would have to dispose of her kid’s crap? I will never know. Another time, a detached, distracted mother refused to walk her young son the bathroom. After he finally soiled his pants, she became irate, and humiliated him by forcing him to continue walking the store with her, even as he left a trail of smeared feces on the ground behind him.. 

“But the absolute worst thing about working there had to be the Walmart cheer. In case you’ve never been fortunate enough to witness the daily Walmart pep rally, it basically consists of all the available “Associates” gathering in a big circle to hear about how much money “our” store had brought in the previous day and how we all needed to work even harder so “our” store would bring in more money than all the other Walmarts nearby tomorrow. And to seal the deal we would all take part in the Walmart cheer, a ritual that simultaneously drains you of all hope for the future while at the same time somehow numbing you to the point of lethargic resignation to your lot in life.”

Listen to these poor people:

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3 thoughts on “More on Walmart: Horror stories (people who worked there)

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  2. Yep…I’m living that dream. I work at my local walmart and I can tell you that I duck out of any meeting before we reach the end. That cheer is nothing I want to have anything to do with. I’m currently looking for another part time job. The discount just isn’t enough incentive to put up with the rest of the BS that goes on there. There are some really good managers, but some of the stuff that comes out of corporate is ridiculous.

  3. Oh, and by the way, I’ve been lucky. I don’t find feces in my department…I find chicken. Chicken nuggets, chicken wings, chicken drummies, chicken bones… If it’s related to chicken I’ve found it stashed behind stuff or smeared on the floor where someone drove over it with a cart. Strange.

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