Dual earthquakes hit Colorado and Virginia within 24 hours

map: USGS (VA earthquake downgraded to 5.8)
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4 thoughts on “Dual earthquakes hit Colorado and Virginia within 24 hours

  1. Anybody know if these points in Colorado and Virgina are close to military-ish targets? Perhaps just interesting coincidences? I found a post on the web stating that the Colorado one was close to Norad? Interesting also that they were both roughly the same magnitude?

  2. Its the end of the Free World……Its a sure sign !!!!!!! That Jeezus Fella & his pappy is definitely returning this time to send all you non believers to Hell to live with fire & damnation. It guarantees the next president of our once glorious country will be an Arab in a Burka………Aaaahhhh!!!!! America,what a paranoid, manipulated, divided,hateful place it has become :-))) lol

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