Disturbing Al Jazeera report on Rep. Dennis Kucinich and former Ambassador David Welch


Al Jazeera has uncovered evidence that influential Americans have been trying to help Gaddafi cling to power.

The officials involved are a member of the Congress [Dennis Kucinich] and a former ambassador [David Welch].

The documents were found in the offices of Libyan intelligence building, which was abandoned as Libyan fighters took over Tripoli.

source: blogs.aljazeera.net via: buzzfeed

And from Think Progress:

It is unclear exactly what would motivate Welch to help Qaddafi battle the pro-democracy uprising and even his own country, but it should be noted that Welch’s position at Bechtel put him in a spot where he was incentivized to maintain strong business relationships with Libya. Shortly after helping normalize relations between the two countries, Welch became a vice president at Bechtel, overseeing the company’s Middle Eastern operations. Under Welch, the company rapidly expanded in Libya, even setting up its first office in the country since the 1960s.

Also included among the documents that Al Jazeera uncovered was evidence that Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a Libya war foe, had contacts with Qaddafi’s regime and had asked for evidence of corruption or al Qaeda contacts among the rebels.

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