PBS Video: The Civilian Conservation Corps — an answer for unemloyment today?

One of the most popular New Deal programs, the CCC put three million young men to work in camps across America during the height of the Great Depression.

PBS Video:

10 eye-popping statistics on unemployment: Mother Jones

25.3 million Americans: The true size of the unemployment crisis. This figure includes people who are out of work, forced to work part-time, or unable to find a full-time job, as well as those who want to work but have given up searching for a job in the past month, most likely out of frustration.

6.9 million jobs: How many fewer jobs there are today than in December 2007.

0.22 jobs: The number of job openings per one unemployed worker.

Twenty-eight out of 32 months: The number of months since January 2009 that job growth failed to keep up with basic population growth (roughly 150,000 jobs a month). All those headlines saying job growth has stalled are wrong; it’s not even doing that.

43%: The percentage of jobless workers who haven’t pulled a steady paycheck in more than six months. That’s 6 million workers.

16.7%: The jobless rate for African-Americans. Black unemployment is now at its highest in 27 years.

11.3%: The Hispanic unemployment rate. This figure has held steady since February 2009.

17.7%: The unemployment rate for 16- to 24-year-olds of all races, ethnicities, and educational backgrounds. Often overlooked, youth unemployment has a long-term toll; young people who enter a weak job market are almost guaranteed to earn less over their lifetimes than those who find jobs during boom times.

280,000: The number of jobs the American economy needs to add each month to fill its 11.3 million-job deficit by the middle of 2016.

35,000: The average number of jobs the economy actually added in the past three months.

IF PRIVATE INDUSTRY FAILS US, GOVERNMENT MUST STEP IN. In the past 3 decades, the rich have gotten much richer while the middle-class, working-class, and the poor — the employed — have not shared equally in the income distribution, even with increased productivity of our economy. What has happened, in fact, has been a bottom-to-top income redistribution and growing unemployment.

Tax cuts, loopholes, and subsidies have benefited only the wealthiest, the most prosperous corporations, who have not reinvested their wealth but instead have hoarded the extra money. Any jobs that were “created” were at the expense of American workers, as multinationals moved their jobs overseas, to India and China. And those companies could then pocket even more money, while still collecting their federal corporate welfare (cuts, loopholes and subsidies). Today, many successful companies actually pay their CEOs more than they pay in federal income tax.

And the GOP-Teaparty wants us to believe the wealthiest need more tax cuts — and that we should pay for the decreased revenue by cutting programs and services the rest of us depend on. Have you seen the crazy shit Jon Huntsman is proposing?



  • A BOLD jobs plan by Robert Reich — A country with over 300 million people needs big government solutions instead of more lies about small government and how tax cuts for the wealthy will create jobs. Here are 10 components suggested by Robert Reich.
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