Mitt Romney: speaking out for himself and the one percent since 1966

Mitt Romney has been a dick since at least age nineteen. For reals. From The Daily Mail:

A newly-unearthed photograph showing Mitt Romney demonstrating in favour of the Vietnam War draft might leave the presidential candidate feeling somewhat embarrassed.

The veteran Republican, then 19, can be seen picketing an anti-war sit-in at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, in 1966.

Romney received a draft exemption based upon his status as a “minister of religion” – basically, an exemption for having been a Mormon missionary. He received numerous deferments after that for educational reasons. Romney portrays his mission in Paris as a time of humbling poverty, but The Daily Telegraph has a different story…

via: cognitivedissonance

Romney and his five sons won’t fight wars for American — that’s for you and your (not one percent) kids to take care of. President Romney would have no qualms about sending other people’s kids to fight his wars — and he loves certain wars, like Vietnam and Iraq.

It’s these kinds of people in Washington who get to carry the name Chickenhawk. Mitt Romney’s been a proud chickenhawk, and a hypocritical asshole, since 1966.


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6 thoughts on “Mitt Romney: speaking out for himself and the one percent since 1966

  1. Yep… I was just reading about Mitten’s draft status this morning.. after the religious deferment and the educational deferments… he lucked out and his birthday turned up as no. 300 in the draft lottery in 1969 which included people his age.

    Service in the military was for the Little People back then… Not Romney.

    More and more info is coming out about exactly what Bain Capital did under Romney’s direction and it won’t be pretty.

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