Sunday morning’s 6 interesting things

1) Dow finishes at highest since 2008, Nasdaq at highest since 2000 – Stocks surged around the globe Friday, thanks to a pair of good reports on the U.S. economy, sending the Dow Jones industrial average up to the highest level since May 2008, before Lehman Bros. went bankrupt. Meanwhile, the technology-heavy Nasdaq composite index, fueled in part by optimism about Facebook’s coming initial public offering, finished at its highest level since the heady days of the technology boom in 2000.

2) 71% of votes counted in Nevada this morning — still waiting on results from Clark County (Las Vegas):

2008 results in Nevada: (1) Mitt Romney – 51.1%, (2) Ron Paul – 13.7%, (3) John McCain – 12.8% – NY Times

While they only make up about 6.5 percent of the total Nevada population, Mormons comprised 26 percent of the GOP caucus electorate, according to exit polls, and 91 percent of that group voted for Romney. –

All those sister-wives add up! – Joe. My. God.

Turnout was far below that of the primaries in Florida, South Carolina or New Hampshire and less than in Iowa’s caucuses. – The Washington Post

3) Elderly NV Republican voters boo, shove ‘L.A. Times’ reporter at rally – The Associated Press says that reporter Ashley Powers was booed by a group of elderly Republican voters and accused of being a spy before being asked to leave. Powers was at a community center in Sun City Anthem, a suburb of Las Vegas when a Republican volunteer falsely announced to the crowd that journalists were barred from balloting events. The mostly elderly group began to boo her and she was told that security would be summoned if she did not leave immediately. She left the room, but attempted to return, only to be grabbed by the arm and shoved by an older man.

4) They masquerade their bullshit in the words of Jesus and the all-knowing free market, but it is transparent what motivates them. Not love for their fellow man, not love for their fellow citizen, not love for country – what motivates them is hate for the other. You. They fucking hate you. They want you, and everyone who speaks for you, and every institution that represents your values, whether it be Planned Parenthood or food banks or ACORN – you name it. They want it destroyed. I just do not understand why more people do not recognize this. The Republicans have declared total war on America, and people are responding like this is politics as usual. It isn’t. It really isn’t. It’s really all or nothing at this point. We put the birchers/tea party/conservatives back in their place and destroy the current GOP, or we deal with this shit for the next forty-sixty years. – John Cole

5) “Many tea party folks are going to find me, I believe, to be the ideal candidate. I sure hope so.” — Mitt Romney in December

6) We’re More Unequal Than You Think – If the Republicans win the presidency, it will be largely with votes from the upper half of the electorate, which provided their needed margin in the 2010 contests. Using this base, the GOP claims that the rich must be cosseted because they are “job creators.” What isn’t said is that its business supporters seek the cheapest possible workforce—domestic, immigrant, or foreign—because bonuses and profits rise when payroll costs are low. If this strategy succeeds, the Americans who are most desperate for jobs will face a future as casual labor… Like other overleveraged nations, the US may well be facing Thomas Edsall’s “age of austerity.” If so, it remains to ask who will be making most of the sacrifices. Americans have votes and voices; much of the decision will rest with them.

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