President Obama on oil subsidies

“Right now, $4 billion of your tax dollars subsidize the oil industry every year – $4 billion. They don’t need a subsidy. They’re making near-record profits. These are the same oil companies that have been making record profits off the money you spend at the pump for several years now. How do they deserve another $4 billion from taxpayers and subsidies? … It’s outrageous. It’s inexcusable. And every politician who’s been fighting to keep those subsidies in place should explain to the American people why the oil industry needs more of their money – especially at a time like this” — President Obama

And the Republican counter-argument to this message will be: Gay marriage! Obama wants to raise your taxes! Food stamps! There’s a new Abortionplex in your town! Job creators! Muslims! Government workers! Democrats will take our guns! Satan! Socialism! Lame-stream media! Contraception! Teachers! Iran has a nuclear weapon! War on Christianity! Illegal immigration! Communism! Death panels! Gasoline prices! Hitler, dammit!

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