NY GOP lawmaker says she’d vote for Obama, that Republicans would “take women back decades”

How refreshing — real honesty from a Republican. And from a woman, naturally.  Cheers, Assemblywoman!

Asked which Republican candidate she supports, New York Assemblyman Teresa Sayward (R) replied:

SAYWARD: I do not have a favorite in the presidential race, if I had to vote today, I’d vote for Obama.


SAYWARD: Absolutely… Because I really, truly think that the candidates that are out there today for the Republican side would take women back decades.

Why do I say naturally the honesty came from a woman? Because Republican men neither care nor realize what they sound like to us. Just listen to them. I’m sure women in the GOP can hear them too.

How would you feel about going to Sweden for lunch?

Gamla stan, Stockholm, Sweden (by noirouverture)

Your moment of (literal) Zen


Today in Bangkok: Thousands of Buddhist monks chanted during a lantern lighting to celebrate Makha Bucha day, which commemorates Buddha’s first sermon on the essence of Buddhism.

Women voters

“Most GOP primary voters Tuesday were male; most voters in November will be female. (Especially if Santorum’s the nominee; he lost women to Romney in Ohio; unmarried women overwhelmingly, 45-28.) Everyone’s talking about the dangerous gender gap that’s opened up for the GOP, with women flocking to the Democrats as this assault on their rights continues. I think we’re also seeing the emergence of a profound character gap. The notion that neither Romney, Santorum nor Gingrich could find a way to rebuke Limbaugh for his obscene jihad against Sandra Fluke is troubling. That none of them could find a way to express the appropriate revulsion is proof that hate has poisoned not only their party’s brand, but their moral center. It’s another GOP election night, but the only winner is President Obama.” — Joan Walsh

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Sure, the GOP has the support of all the “big” stars from the olden days, like Ted Nugent and Victoria Jackson…

…but, hey, the President dug up Tom Hanks to narrate his official 2012 campaign video. So not too bad — he used to be kind of popular, I think. 

The Road We’ve Traveled Official Trailer – Obama for America 2012: trailer for campaign video of President Obama’s first-term. Directed by Davis Guggenheim and narrated by Tom Hanks.

Sign up to be the first to see it: https://my.barackobama.com/roadtraveledvid

Jon Stewart on President Obama’s press conference (gifs / video)

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If you didn’t see the show last night, can you guess which news network that question originated from? Here’s the clip:


Q to President: “What would you like to say to Mr. Romney?” (about his ‘feckless’ comment).

Jon says: “Uh, I’d tell him to go feck himself.” lol.

International Women’s Day: Sigourney Weaver is the shit


In honor of International Women’s Day, here is a woman we love. Sigourney. Kicking the dickens out of aliens.

International Women’s Day gif-a-thon from Ann Friedman

A hilarious International Women’s Day gif-a-thon from Ann Friedman. Check it out. It’s awesome.

Srsly. Get off of me, GOP.


Republicans want to force us all to pay for the religious beliefs of others

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How Republicans Are Trying to Force You to Pay for Others’ Religious Beliefs

So, let’s be clear: nobody’s religious beliefs are being threatened by including birth control in the basket of preventive services insurers must offer. If your religion compels you to either abstain from sex or have unprotected sex, you’re more than welcome to do so and we’ll have to content ourselves with hoping that your partner isn’t picking up any STDs on the side.

But when it comes to using the power of “big government” to coerce the rest of us into paying higher insurance premiums for those beliefs, well, that’s what the separation of church and state is all about. We’re just demanding the freedom not to have to pay for your antiquated religious views.

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Currently Rick Santorum is the official leader / mullah of the newish God’s Own Party, or as Howard Fineman has now defined it, the American Faith Party (AFP) [of the] conservative Judeo-Christian-Mormon Republicans.”  Only Santorum can lead the fight to impose this group’s religious beliefs on everyone else in the nation. And that’s the point.

It’s not about these people having “freedom” to practice their religious views or to police their own — it’s about imposing their religious views across the country — policing you and yours. As we’ve seen, it’s very important for them to legislate who has sex and how, who gets married, who covers birth control, and who gets to choose what to do with ones’ own body or private life. Simply put, the religious right wants a United States of Theocracy, much like Afghanistan except Republican Jesus will guides us. It’s such a joke — and every Republican in Washington should be deeply ashamed of themselves for allowing it to get this far.

As an example of this groupthink, here’s a terrible (fair warning) Pro-Santorum song with the lyrics, “We’ve got a Man who Understands that God Gave the Bill of Rights!”  But you really have to see / hear it to believe it. Oy.

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Princess Braindead of the Far North: still around and dumb as ever

Here’s the total depth of Palin’s political decision-making process

Sarah Palin told Fox News that she cast her ballot for Newt Gingrich, the “cheerful candidate.”

Rove: Palin Endorsement “Not Worth Snot” For Gingrich - Karl Rove mockingly dismissed the value of Sarah and Todd Palin’s endorsements on a private conference call today, noting that their backing of Newt Gingrich in Alaska “demonstrated that endorsements don’t mean snot.” BuzzFeed obtained the dial-in information for the conference call with Barclays Capital clients and employees, in which Rove outlined the state of the Republican race for the presidency and the path forward for the candidates.


[Palin] contributed her overvalued $.02 to the conversation about Rush Limbaugh being a disgusting misogynist pig. Guess whose side she took?

I think the definition of hypocrisy is for Rush Limbaugh to have been called out, forced to apologize and retract what it is he said in exercising his first amendment rights-and never is that, the same, applied to the leftist radicals who say such horrible things about the handicapped, about women, about the defenseless. So I think that’s the definition of hypocrisy, and that’s my $.02 for you.

Sarah Palin, you may recall, is the godmother of the new conservative “feminism,” according to Sarah Palin and the conservative pundits who get starbursts from her incoherence. While she’s quick to cry out “sexism!” at the drop of a hat—or when, say, she’s made herself look like an idiot for the nine billionth time—Sarah doesn’t give half a damn about sexism directed at women who are not named Sarah Palin. In fact, before she discovered the usefulness of “whining” about sexism, she criticized other women for “whining” about sexism and insisted such whining “doesn’t do us any good.” Which is why Sarah Palin is nowhere to be found when other women are subjected to sexist attacks.

Miss that VOICE or that psychotic rageface smile? Well, here you go then:

The GOP’s birther problem

“Republicans who have chosen to associate with the birthers have done their party and their country a disservice. And as Sheriff Arpaio settles comfortably into that political mental ward, the same must be said of those Republicans who choose to associate themselves with him more broadly. Those who cannot distinguish between the birthers’ flim-flam and the critical questions that face our nation in 2012 will not win and do not deserve to.”

National Review

Thursday morning’s 6 barely interesting things

Sen. Levin would ‘love’ Armed Forces Network to drop Limbaugh – Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said Wednesday that the Armed Forces Network should drop conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. “I would hope the people that run it see just how offensive this is and drop it on their own volition,” Levin told CNN. VoteVets.org, the largest progressive group for American military veterans, is calling on the American Forces Network to stop broadcasting Limbaugh’s show in the wake of his attack on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. “Rush Limbaugh has a freedom of speech and can say what he wants, but in light of his horribly misogynistic comments, American Forces Radio should no longer give him a platform,” they said. “Our entire military depends on troops respecting each other – women and men. There simply can be no place on military airwaves for sentiments that would undermine that respect. When many of our female troops use birth control, for Limbaugh to say they are ‘sluts’ and ‘prostitutes’ is beyond the pale.” || Send an e-mail to the Armed Forces Network, telling them there is no place on military airwaves for talk like Limbaugh’s|| Remember, your tax dollars fund the Armed Forces Network, which means you’re funding Rush’s co-pay for Viagra — so essentially we’re all paying Limbaugh to have sex! [image: leftish]

ANALYSIS: In Almost Every Primary, Romney Wins Big Among The Rich, Loses The Working-Class Vote – In both states, Romney won among those making more than $100,000 by 14 points, even though he lost among all other income demographics. This trend occurs in virtually every state that has voted thus far. A ThinkProgress analysis of exit/entrance polls from the 14 states that have conducted them shows that Romney consistently does best among those earning more than $100,000 or $200,000 a year, while more often than not losing among middle- and working-class voters. The only states where this wasn’t true were Massachusetts, his home state where he served as governor, and Virginia, where Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich weren’t even on the ballot.

Number of U.S. Hate Groups on the Rise, Report Says – [A]ccording to a report released Wednesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center… which has kept track of such groups for 30 years, recorded 1,018 hate groups operating last year. The number of groups whose ideology is organized against specific racial, religious, sexual or other characteristics has risen steadily since 2000, when 602 were identified, the center said. Antigay groups, for example, have risen to 27 from 17 in 2010. The report also described a “stunning” rise in the number of groups it identifies as part of the so-called patriot and militia movements, whose ideologies include deep distrust of the federal government. In 2011, the center tracked 1,274 of those groups, up from 824 the year before.

Gun Sales Rise In Texas As NRA Spouts Anti-Obama Fantasies (or how the rightwing nutjob base will believe ANYTHING the NRA tells them!) - National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, recently claimed that Obama would eliminate the Second Amendment — and guns owners’ rights — if he is re-elected. “All that first term, lip service to gun owners is just part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment during his second term,” he said at the Conservative Poliltical Action Conference last month. Once he does not have another election to worry about, LaPierre told conservatives that Obama would “get busy dismantling and destroying our firearms’ freedom.”

Never Do Anything / Your GOP-led Congress not at work – The reason [Boehner] lost the urban/suburban Republicans is because Teabaggers stripped out mass transit funding, since Madison, Hamilton and Washington didn’t ride light rail. Boehner knows he’s in trouble: “The American people entrusted us with the majority in the House. What we do with it us up to us,” he said. “We can use it to take steps together, one at a time, toward the vision we share. Or we can do nothing. We can squander the time we’ve been given … allowing our internal disagreements to paralyze us.” Only the soft bigotry of low expectations would let someone think that passing a highway bill, the most bog standard piece of everyday legislation, is an indicator that the House isn’t paralyzed. Boehner knows he’s doomed to repeat 1948 and his suicide caucus won’t let him do anything about it.

Massive solar storm heading for Earth – Airlines and energy suppliers are on alert as the largest solar storm in five years heads toward Earth, threatening to disrupt flights and power lines. The eruption on the surface of the sun, known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), has led to a “massive amount of solar particles heading towards Earth”, which are due to hit the planet between 6am and 10am on Thursday morning, a Met Office spokesman said. But he added that the phenomenon was likely to go unnoticed by most. The forecaster has advised airlines that they may reroute planes from near the polar regions where the radiation caused by the storm is likely to be most intense, while energy suppliers have been warned that the National Grid could also be affected. Solar storms can also cause communication problems, such as radio blackouts, as well as affecting satellites, disrupting oil pipelines and making global positioning systems (GPS) less accurate.

Nasa footage shows two solar flares erupting on the sun: