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Ann Romney, ladies and gentlemen

“I love the fact that there are women out there who don’t have a choice and they must go to work and they still have to raise the kids. Thank goodness that we value those people too.” — Ann Romney 

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I can’t decide if her tone is mocking, throwing me a bone, completely insincere, or just patronizing. I’m not sure why she ‘loves’ that some women have no choice but to work and raise the kids — but fortunately she bestows permission upon her audience to value ‘those people too.’  Ah, cake. Let them eat it.

Good grief. Do you think she equates ‘those people’ who have to work and raise kids to her house staff? Maybe in Ann Romney’s mind, ‘working mom’ reminds her of those who do the dusting or make the beds at one of her many homes. No wonder Mitt automatically assumed the cookies brought to an event by a regular person (one of those people) came from 7-Eleven.

John Boehner currently insulting everyone’s intelligence with stupid bullshit

But how many dumbass teabaggers will buy it? All of them. When you’ve got nothing going on for your side, you lie.

This tweet from House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) probably wasn’t intended to be important, but it’s an astonishing message.

Let’s back up for a moment. At issue is a 2007 law, set to expire on July 1, which keeps the interest rate for federal Direct Stafford Loans at 3.4%. If Congress fails to act, the rate will double, affecting more than 7.4 million students, who’ll face, on average, an additional $1,000 in debt. President Obama and congressional Democrats are fighting to keep the rates where they are, and Mitt Romney agrees with them.

Congressional Republicans have balked at the proposals, and today, Boehner is arguing that this is all Democrats’ fault anyway — they’re the ones who “included an expiration provision that placed the looming increase in the middle of an election year.”

Democrats wanted to lower student interest rates. Now, they want to keep the lower student interest rates. As far as Boehner is concerned, this means Dems “voted to double” interest rates.

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Via: abaldwin360Now, not only is John Boehner being stupid, he’s insulting everyone’s intelligence with this kind of bullshit.



Human booby traps found on Utah trail

The Hills Have Eyes near Salt Lake City, apparently.  This is sick.

AP: Dangerous booby traps found on popular Utah trail

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – The 20-pound spiked boulder was rigged to swing at head-level with just a trip of a thin wire – a military-like booby trap set on a popular Utah canyon trail.

Any unsuspecting hiker exploring the makeshift dead-wood shelter could have fallen prey.

Two men arrested over the weekend on suspicion of misdemeanor reckless endangerment told authorities the traps were intended for wildlife, but investigators don’t believe the story.

“This is a shelter put together by people, visited by people – anything that would be impacted by their device would have to be humans,” Utah County sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon said. “It took some time to build these traps. They took rope, heavy-duty fishing line, and they intended what the traps were going to do.”

U.S. Forest Service Officer James Schoeffler came across the trip wires last week while on routine patrol on the popular Big Springs hiking trail in Provo Canyon about 50 miles south of Salt Lake City. Having had previous military hazardous device detection training, Schoeffler immediately knew it was a threat. If not disabled, both devices – one set to swing down at head-level, the other designed to trip a passer-by into a bed of sharpened wooden stakes – could have been deadly.

[...] Benjamin Steven Rutkowski, 19, of Orem and Kai Matthew Christensen, 21, of Provo were booked in the Utah County Jail on Saturday and released on bail.

Prosecutors believed the misdemeanor reckless endangerment allegations were the strongest claims they could pursue without anyone being injured. Charges have not yet been filed.

Fortune 500 CEOs made 380 times more than average workers in 2011

Let’s not forget that these CEOs also pay a lower percentage of federal tax on their income than the average worker. I’m certain they earn 380 times more than the average worker for very good reasons. They work that much harder, or they’re that much more productive. Right? It certainly couldn’t be something like the rich and powerful gaming the political system for fun and profit.

Think Progress reports,

According to the latest edition of the AFL-CIO’s Executive Pay Watch report, the gap between CEO pay and worker pay expanded last year. In 2011, CEOs in the Fortune 500 made an average of $12 million, about 380 times what the average worker makes…

[...]  Meanwhile, workers saw their pay increase by just 2.8 percent last year. Already, most of the gains of the nascent economic recovery have been going to the richest Americans (just as they have for recent economic expansions). In 2010, the richest 1 percent captured 93 percent of the nation’s income gains.

The AFL-CIO is calling for regulators to implement a rule included in the Dodd-Frank financial reform law that requires companies to disclose their CEO-to-worker pay ratio. “Astronomical CEO pay is based on the false idea that the success of a corporation is due to one CEO genius. In reality, all employees create value, and CEO pay levels should be more in line with the rest of their company’s employee pay structure.

Read: Average Fortune 500 CEO Now Paid 380 Times As Much As The Average Worker 

If you agree with the Republican Party that these guys and their corporations should be deregulated even more (like chicken slaughter houses), that they should receive even more tax cuts that would be paid for with austerity measures for the rest of us, vote GOP! They might create a job one day.

Your afternoon LOL: Mitt Romney killed his other dog (video)

I, in fact, LOL’d for the superimposed faces on this. omg. Best thing I’ve seen today.

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leksand: Le Consulat. (by asterismal)

leksand: Le Consulat. (by asterismal)

Portrait of Smug

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This is SEVERELY smug…

This Modern World — Mitt Romney: man of the people

Mitt Romney: man of the people

Navel gazing 101: both sides do it, they’re all the same, there’s no difference between the two parties

Poll: 1/4th Of Americans Less Likely To Vote Because Of Super PACs — A new poll by the Brennan Center of Justice found that one in four Americans are less likely to vote in 2012 because of fears that candidates are catering to interests of super PAC donors. “Unlimited spending by supposedly independent super PACs is creating widespread perceptions of corruption and undermining public confidence that elected officials serve in the public interest,” Adam Skaggs, senior counsel for the Brennan Center’s Democracy program, said in a statement.

Eight of the Top Ten 2012 Super PAC Donors Are Republicans

Notably, the top three Super PAC donors are all Republicans, and their more than $45 million in contributions adds up to more than four times the total spending by the remainder of the top ten:

These totals may also understate the total amount of spending by these wealthy right-wing benefactors because donors can keep their identities secret by funneling their money into non-profit arms of political organizations. Sixty-two percent of the $123 million raised by Karl Rove’s “Crossroads” political empire in 2010 and 2011, for example, came from secret donors.

I’m quite sure your non-participation will teach everyone a huge lesson. Corruption — look away! Those wealthy donors and the politicians they want in Congress (to pass more deregulation, more tax cuts, more austerity!) will be so disappointed that all the fragile butterflies decided to opt-out of yet another election.  Just like in 2010, the teaparty thanks you.

Thank God none of the progressive hard work and heavy lifting of the past 100 years depended on the frail sensibilities of this modern emoprog-all-or-nothing mentality that’s way too common in our country today.

Besides, voting is so mainstream.

President Obama didn’t have a SINGLE WEEK when positive coverage exceeded negative coverage in 2012

According to the report, President Barack Obama “did not have a single week in 2012 when positive coverage exceeded negative coverage.” The media’s overwhelming focus on “strategy” and Obama’s consistently negative coverage indicate that a preoccupation with public policy and an unwillingness to criticize the president are two afflictions the mainstream press is not suffering from. – Mother Jones

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inothernews: THE LIBERAL MEDIA. Another fun/sad fact from this: Trivial news on campaign “strategy” has dominated the media coverage over actual policies by 6:1.

If only ‘the media’ reported actual facts instead of trying to be ‘fair,’ maybe they wouldn’t have to try to overcompensate for what the Republican Party really stands for: the greed of the plutocracy and their desire to eventually herd us all into corporate-sponsored work camps where we’ll exist on Soylent Green — and like it.

Stephen Colbert on Journalism+ — Stepping in Doocy


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Morning Bunker Report: Tuesday 4.24.2012


ROMNEY WILL NOT APOLOGIZE for his ‘magnificent’ French vacations — “I have a lot of memories of France. I think the best memories were with my wife on vacations, from time to time in France,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said at a press conference here with Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. “The last vacation we had there, walking around the city of Paris, not just in the Champs-Elysees, but also over to the Jardin of Luxembourg and around the city, as one of the most magnificent cities in the world and I look forward to occasional vacations again in such a beautiful place.” Romney just last week accused President Obama of “jetting around the world” and, asked by National Review about exorbitant spending by the General Services Administration that’s now under investigation, said Obama’s “elaborate vacations” set a bad example. [GovExec: Romney gushes over 'magnificent' Paris]

Watch Romney tell students worried about student loans to go to a cheaper college — Or they could just inherit lots of money, like he did. Boot straps!

LEAKED STRATFOR EMAILS reveal anti-Obama predjudice. Embarrassing details continue to dribble out of the 5 million emails leaked from the private intelligence firm Stratfor, including the firm’s reference to President Barack Obama’s administration as the “Barry Hussein” White House. The remark, made by Stratfor Vice President Fred Burton, appears to be a racially-charged insult aimed at the President Obama’s middle name. [...] Burton, the firm’s VP of intelligence, was a distinguished counter terrorism agent in the U.S. State Department before joining the company. More recently, he’s held posts in the Texas government, advising on security issues. [...] In previously released emails, Strafor analysts discussed the White’s House “weakness and wimpiness” towards China, and speculated the president would lose support of a billionaire Democratic donor “unless Obama finds a spine.” The firm also closely monitored Mitt Romney’s views on international affairs, particularly his views on China. [Buzzfeed]

TAMPA STRIP CLUBS PREPARE for the Republican National Convention Tampa Gold Club and Scores Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse … have been gearing up for the onslaught of normal, family-oriented, churchgoing, upstanding members of society. Club remodels are underway, with upgrades in everything from furniture, lighting and booze to higher end strippers with fewer thigh bruises. — TampaBayTimes via Wonkette

FOX IS NOT NEWS: Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy will on Tuesday clarify a partially fabricated quote from President Obama. — TPM

AUSTERITY FOR THE REST OF US: Which state had the largest decrease in employment last year? That would be Scott Walker’s Wisconsin! — Think Progress

BUSH YEARS FOREVER!* (*the one percent wishes) — RNC Spokeswoman: Republican Economic Platform Will Be The Bush Program, ‘Just Updated’ Because the worst incomes and jobs record since Herbert Hoover was just an accident. — Paul Krugman

WHAT ARE THE GOP FRESHMEN up to today? …now our deficit hawks want to continue the Bush tax cuts, enact more tax cuts for the rich, expand our already bloated defense budget, and now they have even given up on their token issue to pretend they cared about spendingHypocrisy alert: House Republican freshmen are begging their leaders to bring back a certain type of earmark so that they can help companies back home in an election year. Balloon Juice

PRESIDENT OBAMA / DEMOCRATS—————————————————————-

Buzzfeed: President Barack Obama strikes the Heisman pose, while presenting the U.S. Air Force Academy football team seniors with the Commander-In-Chief’s Trophy today. The Air Force beat the Army and Navy in 2011 to claim the trophy for the 18th time. (Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla)

THE YOUTH VOTE: MITT ROMNEY AGREES WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA on student loans. “…I fully support the effort to extend the low interest rate on student loans. There was some concern that would expire halfway through the year, and I support extending the temporary relief on interest rates for students, as a result of student loans, in part because of the extraordinarily poor conditions in the job market.”Think Progress

THE LIBERAL MEDIA has consistently given more positive coverage to likely Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney compared to President Barack Obama, according to a new survey of media coverage from the Pew Research Center’s Excellence in Journalism Project. During the early weeks of 2012, Romney’s media coverage was slightly negative—between January 2 and February 26, 33 percent of the stories about the ex-Massachusetts governor were positive and 37 percent were negative, according to Pew’s analysis. But Romney has received mostly positive coverage since then (47 percent positive to 24 percent negative). By contrast, according to the report, President Barack Obama “did not have a single week in 2012 when positive coverage exceeded negative coverage.” The media’s overwhelming focus on “strategy” and Obama’s consistently negative coverage indicate that a preoccupation with public policy and an unwillingness to criticize the president are two afflictions the mainstream press is not suffering from. — Mother Jones

  • So much for that vast left-wing conspiracy — “There will be an effort by the quote ‘vast left-wing conspiracy’ to work together to put out their message and to attack me. Many in the media are inclined to do the president’s bidding.” — Mittens Romney, last week

SCOTT BROWN IS BAFFLED BY THE MEANING OF HYPOCRISY — Earlier this year, Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) began criticizing his main Democratic rival, Elizabeth Warren, for being a “hypocrite.” The argument went like this: Warren makes a fair amount of money, but she’s an advocate for struggling, working families. Ergo, she’s guilty of “hypocrisy.” — Maddow Blog

THE ARGUMENT DRIVING DEMOCRATIC OPPOSITION to Republican austerity cuts  …high debt levels aren’t directly responsible for the economic slowdowns that typically accompany them. Instead, the economy can slow because high debt often prompts policymakers to impose fiscal austerity measures that can hamper the economy, particularly one that’s already in recession. — Suzy Khimm

BILL O’REILLY CALLS ROBERT REICH A COMMUNIST, Reich challenges O’Reilly to  debate him ‘like a man– “It’s like being back in the 1950s,” he said. “This communist witch hunt that has suddenly been launched. The irony is that there are not even many communists left in the world today. It would be one thing if we were back in the 1950s, but there is not a communist threat. [...] Reich challenged O’Reilly to debate him “person-to-person, like a man.” “But he doesn’t have the guts to debate,” he added. — Raw Story

Just another Tuesday on the bottling line

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