Alex Jones and “the Aurora Theater Shooting Was A Staged Event” conspiracy

Like anyone else, I love a good conspiracy theory. Here’s one that isn’t: below is a video clip of Alex “Crazy for a Profit” Jones arguing that the Aurora Theater Shooting was a “staged event.” By the way, I would be shocked if Alex Jones was not on the NRA’s payroll (see images below).

In his spectacular midway-barker style, Jones “connects the dots” for us between James Holmes and the theater shooting to the upcoming UN Arms Treaty Conference, Fast and Furious, the Uni-bomber, Jared Loughner, Columbine, MK ULTRA, the “Globalist Command Center (the alternate US capital) in Denver / Colorado Springs, President Obama and the Democrats and, naturally, the opening of the actual Batman movie itself.

Of course, he calls this “analyzing” the event.

In Alex Jones’ “analysis”, the real victim here is James Holmes — your typical “patsy” who was drugged up and duped to take the fall. This is MK ULTRA stuff, people! Just like Jared Loughner in Arizona, Jones says.

What really happened in that movie theater? Well, some “black-op” masked operator came into the theater and did the shooting (JUST LIKE COLUMBINE!). Then James Holmes was drugged with “amnesiacs” (since he wasn’t killed immediately, LIKE WITH COLUMBINE) so he would then take the blame. BOOM. Get it? Where’s your God now, sheeple?

I guess Holmes must have been covertly drugged with “PCP and LSD” practically 24/7 over the past few months while he ordered and received the almost 100 shipments that contained his 6,000 rounds of ammo, body armor, and explosive materials. It all makes sense now. No wonder he wasn’t doing well at school.

And by the way, what’s this upcoming evil librul commie event where they’re comin’ fer our guns?

NRA Kicks Off UN Arms Treaty Conference With Fearmongering: …Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has also said that treaty is “opportunity to promote the same high standards for the entire international community that the United States and other responsible arms exporters already have in place to ensure that weaponry is transferred for legitimate purposes.” A senior policy advisor to the humanitarian organization Oxfam America has also pushed back against claims that the treaty has the nefarious purpose of interfering with domestic law: “No government is discussing a treaty that would ever impact the right to bear arms, nor require regulation of domestic sales of arms,” said Scott Stedjan, a senior policy adviser at the relief group Oxfam America. “This is totally about international transfer of arms so that they don’t go to human rights abusers.”

Those words from their mouths are code for globalist takeover. They are so totally compiling our names in their secret computer database for firearm confiscation AND for the mass roundup of the real ‘Mericans into FEMA camps.  Don’t be fooled, people: buy gold, more guns, and survival seeds now.


What ever happened to Matt Drudge? Drudge Promotes Story From Conspiracy Website (Alex Jones’ Claiming Obama Plans To Murder Conservative Journalists (7/6/2012)

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10 thoughts on “Alex Jones and “the Aurora Theater Shooting Was A Staged Event” conspiracy

    • Mr. Jones, you’re probably right about everything, but there’s nothing we can do about it. If we fight it it will only harm us. Reading a free book called “Mystery of the Ages”, will give you the GOOD NEWS, this is all leading to. Most people don’t know that this truly horrable stuff truly coming will lead to an a wonderful eternity for most everyone, eventually.

  1. Jones is correct. The evidence is in the timing…perfect right before the UN arms treaty. And who says the kid really was the one who ordered and receive the materials? He might have been in a cage being programmed…while others did the dirty work to make it look like him, and for that matter, with all the garb we can’t even be certain he was the shooter.

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  3. I have been reading about the tragic shootings in Aurora and all the crazy wack-a-doodle conspiracy theories. Alex Jones seems to be the head nut job. Why can’t people see this tragic awful event for what it is. A deranged individual who decided he needed to take revenge on society for some perceived insult. It wasn’t the government, or the UN or space aliens, just a screwed up kid who snapped. Instead of ranting about how the” go’ment gonna git our guns” maybe Mr. Jones should be ranting about providing mental health care to those who need it. Instead of worrying about black helicopters and mind control, maybe you should worry about your neighbors, your family, your community. Why do we have a constitutional right to own an assault rifle, but no right to affordable health care.

    • I believe everything Alex Jones does is for money. As long as he can make a buck, he’ll say anything. This proves it.

      And I’m with you on the right to affordable health care.

    • dont even fool yourself for a minute ALEX JONES hits the nail on the head.The first thing I said when I saw the CO shootings..”looks staged”…”the shooter looks weird and confused and drugged” oh and I said “reminds me of the guy in AZ that shot Gabby Gifford” “same strange eyes” and “same strange look” You need to wake the hell up! What are you going to say when you start seeing more and more of this happening??? DUH This sh8t is for real THEY want us SCARED of one another, fearful, suspicious etc IT IS TOTALLY TO THEIR Advantage No Co-inky dinc here Just the regular pure evil stuff they dish out, nothing new really. They(Illuminati) and certain members of our US government and many others want you to believe the theaters are not safe, neither are the a irports or shopping malls, or the schools or churches. Even that Amish school house shooting. Remember? Think about it. How many children are born to the average Amish family? Oh and he shot the girls, and he was a good devoted father and husband. Guess he just woke up one day kissed his kids goodbye and went off to work, to deliver milk and kill some little children. MKULTRA is not some big secret do your homework Go to Wikipedia to start.. . There are a ton of other incidents.

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    • I know bro…crazy huh I wonder how many other drugs are out there that do what this one does …scary stuff.

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