Inside the mind of a rightwing nutjob: James Taranto

John Cole posted the following and, rightly, tells James Taranto to go fuck himself:

James Taranto, the WSJ rightwing nutjob whose job is the Best of the Web feature, which invariably means reposting whatever Glenn Reynolds or the halfwits at NRO write every day:

“He is, of course, referring to the reports that a number of men used their bodies to shield their loved ones during the Aurora massacre. Most of us thought of this as a noble and amazing sacrifice… You know who got to make the decision whether their lives were worth it, Taranto? The three heroes who ate bullets saving their loved ones, not some fat scumbag neocon filth sitting comfortably with a glass of bourbon while wanking on twitter from the comfort of a wingback chair in Manhattan.”

What John Cole said. And when Cole tells Taranto to go fuck himself, I think we can all understand that’s probably an accurate description of Taranto’s entire relationship history. The Wall Street Journal must be very proud to have this guy on board.

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5 thoughts on “Inside the mind of a rightwing nutjob: James Taranto

    • Because they are scared to death they will be called Liberal if they fired the high school drop out who never completed college and still lives in the basement of his parents home. Consider it as his part of his application to Fox. With a tad of courage, he simply would have said he was wrong,,,,,the excuses are as sickening as the original comment. He’s a coward.

  1. Ask Taranto’s girlfriend how she feels about it,,,,,, OH,,, I forgot he never had one,,,,,thus the living in Mom’s basement style posts…….

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