The Obama Camp begins public education campaign on Romney’s potential VP picks

The Washington Post reports that “the president’s campaign started swinging at the potential Republican running mates this week while urging home-state Democrats to chime in about the shortcomings that — as emails to donors and supporters put it — ‘Americans need to know.'”

  • Tim Pawlenty? The former Minnesota governor is a fee-raiser whose record “is painful for the middle-class families who lived under his leadership.”
  • Rob Portman? The Ohio senator is “one of the architects of the top-down Bush budget” that the Obama team blames for “crashing our economy.”
  • Marco Rubio? The rookie Florida senator has “led the way on almost every extreme position Mitt Romney has embraced,” according to the missive that seeks examples of “the good, the bad and ugly” of Rubio.
  • Chris Christie? There’s “no lack of material to work with” about the pugnacious New Jersey governor.
  • Bobby Jindal? The Louisiana governor and former congressman tried to harm Social Security and Medicare and “had the same issues with secrecy and lack of transparency as Mitt Romney.”

The Post notes: “Those views are far from how Republicans regard the group.” No kidding! Ha ha.

And there are still so many other logical choices for Mitt’s running mate: Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, a statue of Ronald Reagan, BiBi Netanyahu, Sarah Palin, Mitt’s wife (she’s now an empty nester), Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump, General Jack D. RipperJoe Arpaio, Republican Jesus, Joe Walsh, Batboy, Liz Cheney, Boo Boo Child, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, Ted Nugent, Jack Abramoff, Michelle Malkin, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, a corporation (they’re people too!), Charles Montgomery Burns, Condoleezza Rice, or Allen West.

It’s believed that Romney will announce his choice of running mate during a bus tour which begins Saturday, taking him through Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and ending in Ohio. Four years ago at a rally in Ohio, John McCain inflicted Sarah Palin on us as his running mate. Ah, memories!

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