Flashback: Paul Ryan on Romneycare and the individual mandate — “It is a fatal conceit”

Paul Ryan, like Mitt Romney, is also a big believer in the idea that you should only get as much health care as you can afford. And that includes you, grandma.

With the Romney campaign’s neck-breaking flip flop this week (they’ve tried to pretend Romneycare never happened up to this week when the campaign began praising it in defense of a political ad), The Pensito Review reminds us that “the campaign is going to have to somehow walk back Ryan’s thorough trashing of Romneycare — including the individual mandate, which was created at the Heritage Foundation…”  Go here to watch video of the following transcript:

C-SPAN HOST: Do you believe that the Massachusetts healthcare reform system worked? The system that Gov. Romney …

Rep. PAUL RYAN: Yeah, no, well. No, actually, I’m not a fan of the system. And I think that [garbled]. I’ve got some relatives up there in Massachusetts. My uncle’s a cardiologist in Boston, and I talk to a lot of healthcare folks up there who — what’s happening now, because costs are getting out of control, premiums are increasing in Massachusetts. And now you have bureaucracy that [garbled] all these cost controls and now rationing on the system.

So people in Massachusetts are saying, yes, we have virtually universal healthcare. I think it’s like 96 or 98 percent insured. But you see the system bursting by the seams. They see premium increases, rationing and benefit cuts. And so they’re frustrated with this system.

Number one, they’re already paying for it. They don’t want to pay for another system on top of it. That was, I think, Scott Brown’s message. They see how this idea of having the government being the single regulator of health insurance, defining what kind of health insurance you can have and then an individual mandate. It is a fatal conceit. And these kinds of systems, as we’re now seeing in Massachusetts, are unsustainable.

REMINDER: we do still want to see Mitt Romney’s tax returns. 

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