Do androids dream of tragedies to politicize?

Romney’s true feelings are leaking.

destroythegopA picture’s worth a thousand words… Mitt Romney’s reaction to the deaths of American Embassy personnel in Libya.

In the video below, watch Romney’s face after he claims the US embassy in Cairo apologized for the right of free speech. The video begins at the 6:51 mark, at the end of his claim:

Look at his face:


Elspeth Reeve at the The Atlantic Wire says it best: “Mitt Romney’s Comments on Embassy Attacks Backfire Badly“:

… But if you watched Romney’s press conference Wednesday in which he doubled down on his statement, the candidate seemed to think he was nailing it. After he finished responding to each question, he smiled, looking very satisfied. (“The statement that came from the administration was a statement which is akin to apology and i think was a severe miscalculation.” Smile. “It’s also important for me just as it was for the white house last night by the way to say that the statements were inappropriate, and in my view a disgraceful statement on the part of our administration to apologize for american values.” Smile.) Maybe that’s because he knew the kids would love it. The kids being the base, as reflected by conservative bloggers loving Romney’s response and calling the murder an act of war by the Libyan government. As he has through out much of his campaign, Romney is defying expectations that he would “tack to the center” after winning the GOP primary. On Wednesday, he played to the same crowd that was so outraged over the “Ground Zero mosque.”… (via: Anne Laurie)


In case you’re keeping score, later in the day Romney handed out talking points for those who might want to defend him (!) which stated almost the exact same thing as the initial statement from the US embassy in Cairo which Romney critiqued so harshly.

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