The Associated Press joins Team Romney: cleaning up Mitt’s messes

Josh Marshall takes the AP to task for either lying for Mitt Romney or for not challenging Romney’s obvious lies about the actual timeline of events regarding his criticisms of President Obama and the embassy attacks:

“…a new AP report suggests that the reason the Romney campaign repeatedly lied about the order of events in Egypt and Libya Tuesday night (US time) was because he wasn’t yet getting those briefings.

“…Romney came out late Tuesday evening with a scathing press release accusing the administration of offering sympathy to the attacks as its initial response to the attacks on US diplomatic compounds in Egypt and Libya. Of course, the statement referenced was issued by the Cairo Embassy before the attacks started. So the whole thing was a falsehood from the git-go — not even getting into the preposterous claim that the embassy’s press release constituted an apology.”

Marshall points out two items that prove Romney knew exactly what was happening prior to his statement released on Tuesday night:

  • No one needed a security briefing to know what had happened here. All the contemporaneous press reports (some noted here), which preceded Romney’s statement, noted that the statement came before the attacks.
  • Initial press reports can turn out to be wrong, of course. But you can’t claim that you were misinformed by press reports that didn’t exist.  

The AP report:

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One thought on “The Associated Press joins Team Romney: cleaning up Mitt’s messes

  1. Letting Mitt get briefings is about the scariest thing I can think of after the latest release of the videos at his fundraisers. This man is a complete zero.

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