Are you a Mormon and critical of Mitt Romney? That might get you excommunicated

Well this is an ugly story… imagine if Willard was elected president. He wouldn’t need the Secret Service with his Mormon Church Protective and Interrogation Service.

Mormons Want to Excommunicate Romney Critic
By Jamie Reno,

After writing negative articles about the Republican candidate, the managing editor of says he faces excommunication. Is the Church on a witch hunt? Jamie Reno reports.

[...]  A Mormon in good standing, Twede has never been disciplined by Latter Day Saints leadership. But it now appears his days as a Mormon may be numbered because of a series of articles he wrote this past week that were critical of Mitt Romney.

On Sunday, Twede says his bishop, stake president, and two church executives brought him into Florida Mormon church offices in Orlando and interrogated him for nearly an hour about his writings, telling him, “Cease and desist, Brother Twede.”

On Tuesday I wondered out loud whether the Mormon Church would ever take Mitt to task for his Ayn Randian economic policies, like some Catholic Church leaders have with Paul Ryan. I concluded no, because of the steady river of money that the Romneys tithe to the LDS Church. It looks like I was right.

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One thought on “Are you a Mormon and critical of Mitt Romney? That might get you excommunicated

  1. I have to say at the beginning that I write of my own views. I do not represent the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the Mormon Church) in any official capacity. I’m just a guy who is a Mormon and has different views than Governor Romney and some of my fellow Church members.
    I took a look at some of Brother Twede’s writings. They look to me to be more critical of the Church than of Governor Romney.
    As a progressive and a Democrat, I have often (some would say daily) been publicly critical of Governor Romney on Facebook and other similar media, but I have not been critical of the Church. I endeavor to be a faithful Latter-day Saint and believe my objections to Governor Romney’s election and his politics to be based on Gospel teachings of caring for the poor and afflicted, dealing honestly with your fellow man, love and acceptance of all people, and a moral and spiritual responsibility of “the haves” to help the “have nots”. These teachings have encouraged my political views. I definitely DO NOT believe in the “Republican Jesus” the right-wing seems to promote. Their so-called “personal responsibilty” argument does not trump a Christ-like charity and love for our fellow man.
    Therefore, my criticisms of Governor Romney have largely been on grounds that he does not seem to follow Gospel principles in his politics or his business life. In my view, much less so that President Obama. Yes, I’m saying that in my opinion, President Obama behaves more in tune with the Gospel than does Governor Romney.
    I have not been contacted by any Church leadership on this issue in any way, nor do I anticipate it happening. But I also keep my views out of church meetings and hold my tongue (most of the time) when things critical of President Obama are said in Church by individual members. Local leaders (e.g. – Bishops, Stake Presidents, etc.) in my area stay completely out of politics (especially in their roles as leaders) except to vote according to their conscience, which is their right.
    My experiences suggests the Church is more concerned about statements critical of it, than those critical of Governor Romney. And that the Church’s concern is much less about negative outcomes for the Church, but the negative outcomes, spiritually speaking, for the member, in this case Brother Twede. The Church, I have found, is much less concerned about what the public thinks of it generally, but much more concerned about how individual members are viewed with respect to their Christ-like behavior and personal morals. The Church works to positively encourage members to act in a Christ-like manner towards their fellow man.
    As to the Church “taking Romney to task” on his Ayn Randian views, my belief is that such a discussion would happen privately. It could possibly be happening now, given the 47% comment and others that have recently come to light. I hope that the discussion is or has occurred. But such a private meeting would be held in a way that is respectful to Governor Romney as a person and a Church member, and in a way that allows the Church to retain politically neutrality and to respect Governor Romney’s privacy. We would not ever learn of the existance of such a meeting, unless Governor Romney decided to share with the public it’s contents.
    I do not believe the Church would try to unduly influence a President Romney, but some Church leaders could act as advisors to him … upon his request. It would be similar to what many other Presidents have enjoyed from their own and other faith’s leaders.
    I may be wrong, but it sounds like more information is needed to create an informed opinion of this situation.

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