A message to Mr. Romney from a Petty Officer in the US Navy

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17 thoughts on “A message to Mr. Romney from a Petty Officer in the US Navy

  1. Best not to put on the Internet evidence of a crime (Hatch Act).

    Just in case you didn’t know, Romney supported managed bankruptcy for GM. Managed bankruptcy is what GM got, but under Obama, rather than follow the law, the assets of the company were diverted to the Unions, and the company was not granted relief from the demands of some of their creditors, but were granted relief from the demands of others (their bond holders). That preferential treatment was illegal, and did not resolve GMs problems, so after getting billions of dollars in aid, GM’s value continues to go down.

    Something that can’t continue forever, won’t.

    • This Guy is a plant, check out his uniform or more so the color, I was a NAVY Petty Officer and Sailor for 7 years and why is he in a Dress Blue Uniform in September? The NAVY does not change to Dress Blues until October and on top of that he is wearing his cover(hat) indoors, no first year recruit would wear a cover indoors!

      • Well he’s not a recruit. He’s a sailor, and he’s living in the same barracks I was in about 10 months ago. And also, blues are authorized all year if you want to wear them so that doesn’t quite work. He is, however, a complete moron and he should, and probably has been, punished for going out and making a public political statement in uniform. The Military doesn’t care if you attend a protest or make political statements, when you are not in uniform as the uniform is supposed to be above politics.

  2. First of all, it is Governor Romney to you. This young man may be serving his country, as did I, but his pathetic regurgitation of Democrat talking points is embarrassing. Obamacare is not yet in place so the story about his brother is a fabrication. Finally, this fellow exemplifies the narrow minded hatred and bigotry only a leftist is capable of.

  3. Political speech in uniform is against regulations. You would know this if you were a U.S. Navy Petty Officer.

  4. He wasn’t talking about you, dumbass. He was talking about the 47% of those who automatically vote for Obama because the disregard facts and could care less about this country’s future. Oh wait…

  5. Looks like a fraud to me. No sailor ever says “petty officer USN” He probably found the uniform in a trunk in the attic. Pay it no mind.

  6. Obama adds $6 trillion to the debt and you accuse Romney of wanting to increase the debt? What version of reality are you living in?

    Militant Muslims started a war against us, it wasn’t our country that started the war. It is ongoing. All Obama can do by withdrawing troops from Muslim countries is to give the enemy an easier time of regrouping and rearming and a better shot at striking us here at home again. Keeping the troops on the frontlines overseas, i.e. doing their job, keeps innocent American women and children safe at home.

    Oh, and, there’s nothing bigoted about saying marriage is between a man and woman. Marriage is the institutionalizing of what nature intended for us as the biological family unit. It isn’t a vehicle meant to popularize exotic sexual fetishes and abnormalities.

  7. This is BS. You don’t know the first thing about the Navy if you posted this in uniform. And, in the wrong uniform. Liberals really are the stupidest assholes on the planet.

    • It’s a real shame they didnt let stand the “Stolen valor” law.
      Democrats are full of fake Indians, fake Navy officers, fake cops, and fake blue collar workers ….(*)
      turns out they really are just Village People in costumes.

  8. Dollars to donuts the whole thing is as bogus as that anti-Romney ad from that steelworkers, whose BS story fell apart once someone looks into it. The Obamacare talking point is beyond bogus. Obamacare doesnt even kick in until 2014, its health INSURANCE not healthcare, and doctors remove tumor, if that brother, tumor etc. even exists. This is trite, false, phony DNC talking points. Obama ended 2 wars?!? More troops died in Afghanistan under Obama’s watch than under Bush’s and they are dying still today and Afghanistan is FAR from pacified.

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