Romney’s 2011 tax return: what ELSE is he hiding?

Mitt Romney finally released a second year of tax returns. And with it, some troubling new information:

  • -From his 2010 release: Romney has a Swiss bank account and owns a corporation in Bermuda
  • -This year’s tax returns are 813 pages. More than 65% of them deal with his overseas investments.
  • -His overseas investments include huge investments in a Chinese oil company.
  • -Dozens of foreign accounts.
  • -Millions of dollars of Romney’s money are stashed away in notorious tax havens.
  • -Stocks in the Russian oil giant Gazprom.
  • -And he’s betting against the dollar by investing in the Norwegian krone, the Australian dollar, the Swedish krona, and the Canadian dollar.

This is only the tip of the iceberg—Romney has only released two years of tax returns, both from after he started running for President. 

He’s still failing to match the precedent set by other Presidential candidates. Why won’t Mitt Romney match other Presidential candidates, including his father? Why won’t he come clean with the American people? 


Also, he had his accountants give him a 14.1% effective tax rate for 2011 when it should have been 9% — for the optics, for the campaign. And BTW, he will be able to recoup that difference in future returns, so he loses nothing.

If he’d manipulate that for the American public, what else would he manipulate in this one return, hoping to win the election?

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