Romney links veterans’ suicides to defense cuts: let’s finally have this conversation

Henry Decker | The National Memo: “In a speech at an American Legion hall in Springfield, Virginia, Mitt Romney tied the rising number of veteran suicides to the legislative battle over cuts to the defense budget.

“We have huge numbers of our men and women that are returning from conflict, that are seeking counseling, psychological counseling, and can’t find that counseling within our system. And, of course, record numbers of suicides. This is a crisis! Given the needs of our veterans, how in the world, as commander-in-chief, you could stand by as we shrink our military commitment financially is something that I don’t understand, and I will reverse it.”

“Romney’s attempt to link military suicides to the Obama administration is deeply problematic for a number of reasons. First, veterans’ health care is exempt from the sequestration deal that Romney is attacking. The Obama administration is not abandoning veterans’ needs, as Romney charges. [...] By contrast, Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan’s budget plan would cut the VA budget by $11 billion. Ryan also voted for the very same defense cuts that Romney criticized today (although he now tries to deny it.) Romney himself has even expressed support for converting veterans’ health care into a voucher system, which would surely leave many veterans unable to afford essential care.”

Decker goes on to say that a debate about who actually supports veterans is a debate that Romney very likely wouldn’t want to have. For example:

thepoliticalfreakshowHere’s the story behind the picture above.

Romney’s “Mormon” Draft Deferment Not Legal | Veterans Today — Every effort is made to make Romney look like something other than a felon, some articles admit political strings, some refer to illegal deals. But what we don’t find is any support in the form of an entry in the Federal Registry nor any court challenges which would have most certainly been filed by the ACLU, SPLC, NAACP and other groups who would have immediately gone to court if a “whites only” church had been offered a special privilege.

Sen. Jim Webb issues stinging attack on Mitt Romney

Roll Call: Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) joined President Barack Obama in Virginia Beach today and issued a stinging attack on Mitt Romney’s failure to mention veterans during his presidential nomination acceptance speech, while also noting that Romney did not serve in the military.

truth-has-a-liberal-bias: Veterans matter.

Senate Republicans block Murray’s $1 billion veterans jobs bill –

Here is the Roll Call link:

  • Of the 58 Yeas, only 5 were Republican
  • Of the 40 Nays, all were Republican
  • Not voting: 2 Republicans
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