Federal workers earn too much? False.

The Republican Tea Party, led by Romney-Ryan, won’t be happy until most of the American workforce, those who sign the back of a paycheck, are all earning Walmart wages — public or private:

White-collar federal employees are underpaid on average by about 35 percent compared with the private sector, a widening of the “pay gap,” which stood at about 26 percent last year, an advisory group said Friday.

The Federal Salary Council based that number on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that by law are supposed to be used in setting annual General Schedule pay raises.

Federal workers have had their pay frozen for two years. In August, President Obama announced plans to extend the freeze until April. He has proposed a modest 0.5 percent increase afterward.

Members of the council, composed of union leaders and outside pay experts, attributed the wider gap to the freeze and to changes in the methods that BLS uses in its pay comparisons.”

— Pay gap widens for federal workers, panel says

Just remember all you conservative base voting rubes who plan to cast your ballot for Romney: you’re next.

Flashback: Romney in Nov/2011, when he suggested that federal employees make more money than him (the quarter-billionaire):

“We have to cut back on the scale of the federal government. And for me that will start by reducing federal employees by 10 percent. You do that through attrition. And then something else that is just as important, and that’s to make sure the people who work for government don’t get better pay and better benefits than people that work in the private sector. The tax payers shouldn’t have to have money taken out of their pay checks to pay people in government who are our servants who are making a lot more money than we are.

Less federal employees, lower wages for the federal workforce = austerity cuts for the general public. Less programs and services for the people of America with lower hiring standards for those programs and services that survive.

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