Here’s how badly Romney performed for his side last night

Media Matters catches the rightwing mouthpieces spinning every conceivable angle to deflect attention away from Romney’s performance:

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter referred to Obama as “the retard”:

Fox News contributor Stephen Hayes wrote, “Seems to me President Obama’s condescension has crossed the line from aggressive to disrespectful. Will voters like him mocking Romney?”

Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham wrote that Obama is “VERY snotty” and “so mean-spirited looking”:

Meanwhile, THIS:

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5 thoughts on “Here’s how badly Romney performed for his side last night

  1. F*CK ANN COULTER. The “R” word pisses me off. Forget the fact that she is already a vile GOP Barbie Hate Spouting Machine, this is low even for her. On behalf of all the mentally, physically and developmentally disabled around the world, go suck a rancid pig snout Ann!

  2. Sorry, didn’t mean to rant. But that is something that we have been fighting against for years.
    We are big advocates for Special Needs kids and The Special Olympics and to hear someone in the media use that word as a slur just makes me so angry.

    • I agree with you – she’s disgusting. Surely there’s a circle of Hell reserved specifically for Ann Coulter. I wonder if anyone in media will call her out on it.

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