Romney storm relief event: don’t call it campaigning (even though it was campaigning)

John Aravosis collected a few tweets from some of the press who showed up for Romney’s “non-partisan” non-political, non-craven-and-opportunistic “storm relief” event yesterday:

USA Today reporter Jackie Kucinich:

Romney fake Hurricane Sandy relief event

CNN’s Jonathan Karl. And note the tshirt the woman has – it’s clear she didn’t wear it to the rally.  They appear to be giving our anti-Obama t-shirts at the non-partisan disaster relief rally.  Incredible:

And here’s NPR’s Ari Shapiro:

Politico’s James Hohman concurs – it’s a campaign party with music and everything!

Fake Romney campaign rally for hurricane relief

[...] And if you have to have music, check the lyrics first, unless this was intentional, which is even worse:

Aravosis says:

A report just came in that Romney just did a photo opp filling relief boxes.  Doing exactly what you’re not supposed to do, doing something that will actually hurt relief efforts.  And he’s doing it.  And he knows better.  But he doesn’t care, because this event – this presidential race – never was about helping people, it was about helping Mitt Romney’s ambition. This is probably why Mitt Romney wants to close FEMA. He thinks private bake sales are more than enough of a response to one of the largest natural disasters in American history. In the same way that his vice presidential nominee, Paul Ryan, thinks spending 7 minutes in a closed soup kitchen, cleaning already-clean dishes, is a sufficient response to the economic crisis.

How Mitt Romney exploited the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy for his own ambitions.



The elaborate stagecraft behind Mitt Romney’s “Storm Relief” Event

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