Giving thanks

think-progressWe’re thankful for Obamacare. After surviving dozens of repeal votes in Congress, the Supreme Court, and a presidential election, the Affordable Care Act is on track to extending insurance coverage to 30 million Americans and lowering health care spending. Millions of seniors and young people have benefited from the law and inefficient insurers are distributing rebates to consumers.

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Also — foreign relations: 

Bob Cesca: The president was more hands-on with the cease fire [in Israel] than previously known… He didn’t go on TV and make loud, obnoxious threats — he didn’t “McCain” the crisis. He handled it quietly and calmly. And the cease-fire is holding.

Throughout his trip in South East Asia he was constantly on the phone with both Morsi and Netanyahu, before and after his meetings with the leaders of China and Japan. The president even made time to speak with both leaders during a dinner held as part of a summit of East Asian leaders.

His goal – creating the conditions needed for a ceasefire. Publicly he praised Morsi and Netanyahu, and behind the scenes he was pressuring them to bring the conflict between Israel and Hamas to an end.

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