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“When law enforcement officers recover a gun and serial number, workers at the bureau’s National Tracing Center here — a windowless warehouse-style building on a narrow road outside town — begin making their way through a series of phone calls, asking first the manufacturer, then the wholesaler and finally the dealer to search their files to identify the buyer of the firearm.

About a third of the time, the process involves digging through records sent in by companies that have closed, in many cases searching by hand through cardboard boxes filled with computer printouts, hand-scrawled index cards or even water-stained sheets of paper.

In an age when data is often available with a few keystrokes, the A.T.F. is forced to follow this manual routine because the idea of establishing a central database of gun transactions has been rejected by lawmakers in Congress, who have sided with the National Rifle Association, which argues that such a database poses a threat to the Second Amendment. In other countries, gun rights groups argue, governments have used gun registries to confiscate the firearms of law-abiding citizens.”

— Legislative Handcuffs Limit A.T.F.’s Ability to Fight Gun Crime – (via diegueno)

BEFORE YOU BLAME THE NRA exclusively for the primitive bullshit method of tracing guns that we have in America — because there is no centralized database of gun ownership (or distribution / sales) — remember who the NRA represents and publicly takes the heat for: gun manufacturers. 

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