What could possibly go wrong? Crazy Joe Arpaio’s greatest idea yet!

Arpaio plans to use armed volunteer ‘posses’ to patrol local schools — Arpaio said his plan, which he hopes to put into effect next week, would have volunteers providing security at 50 schools that fall under his jurisdiction. According to the station, the group of about 3,000 members includes 300 to 400 allowed to carry weapons following 100 hours of training and background checks identical to the kind actual members of his department undergo. They also wear similar uniforms and drive Sheriff’s Department vehicles while on duty.

Sounds legit:

  1. Only 10-13% of his volunteers are “allowed” to carry guns after 100 hours of training — and background checks?
  2. 300-400 of these volunteer cop-wannabes get to dress up and drive department vehicles like real deputies while “on duty”?
  3. And they’ll all be “providing security” to 50 schools?

If I lived in Arpaio’s Crazytown, I’d be asking:

  • What kind of training? 100 hours is, like, two weeks worth.
  • What kind of background check?
  • Will the wannabes have powers of search and seizure? Powers of arrest?
  • Will the public be able to tell the difference between the wannabes’ uniforms and regular sheriff department uniforms?
  • What if the wannabes decide to be “on duty” away from a school zone with their uniform and car?
  • And most of all: what will Arpaio use the taxpayer funded posse of 300-400 trained, armed, and uniformed wannabes for — besides security at schools?
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