Harry Reid this afternoon: “…we are apart on some pretty big issues.”

Pres. Obama was right. From Steve Benen:

“What seems to be the trouble? As of this afternoon, McConnell is demanding chained CPI, and wants more tax breaks for the wealthiest of the wealthy through higher estate-tax thresholds. He’s also refusing to include a debt-ceiling increase in the agreement.

Or put another way, in a literal sense, Republicans are holding up middle class tax breaks by demanding cuts to Social Security benefits and a tax break for the top 0.01% of the country — all while laying the groundwork for another hostage crisis in two months.”

Tell me again how both sides do it — how there’s no difference between the parties.

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2 thoughts on “Harry Reid this afternoon: “…we are apart on some pretty big issues.”

  1. McConnell is our Senator and even though Kentucky is ranked at the bottom of nearly all economic ratings the only voices he listens to are the top 0.01%. Help the rich and screw the poor; that’s the GOP aka Confederate States of America message he keeps spouting. Hopefully he’ll be voted out in 2014 but there’s no accounting for Kentuckian’s ability to cut off their noses to spite their faces.

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