Hillary Clinton hospitalized for blood clot from concussion: is she faking this too, lunatics?

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This morning Hillary Clinton remains hospitalized with a blood clot and is being kept under observation for 48-hours. Can we talk about SOME of the people / organizations who have famously and disgustingly accused her of faking her illness and concussion — including several shows on Fox “news,” two former Romney aides, and a member of Congress.

Via Buzzfeed:

  1. Richard Grenell — “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t testify about Benghazi!”
  2. The New York Post — Hillary Clinton’s Head Fake
  3. Newsbusters — The dog ate my homework.
  4. Charles Krauthammer — the concussion is “acute Benghazi allergy.”
  5. Sean Hannity — let’s see the medical report on that.
  6. John Bolton — it’s a “diplomatic illness.”
  7. Allen West — it seems [Clinton] has come down with “Behnghazi flu.”
  8. Jim Treacher — Where’s Hillary Clinton’s medical report?
  9. Monica Crowley — a virus with impeccable timing.

And from Charles Pierce:

…the well-known conservative intellectual journal Human Events –or, as it’s known around the magazine rack at the cigar store, Highlights For Wingnuts– would like to correct the record. Earlier, the Dumbest Man On The Internets had busted wide open the story that the Hilldebeast was “too busy” to testify about why she personally killed four people in Benghazi because she was jet-setting around the Caribbean with the Beautiful People. This proved to be in error. [...] The Secretary Of State, as it happens, is presently luxuriating in that famous playground of the rich and famous, New York Presbyterian Hospital, where she is being treated for a serious condition involving a blood clot. While I’m sure Jim Hoft will be dressing up as a Candy Striper and working the halls to make sure that the Secretary is not being fed mojitos intravenously, Human Events, at the moment, regrets the error, but not its very existence, which is unfortunate.

Will there be any public apologies forthcoming?

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3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton hospitalized for blood clot from concussion: is she faking this too, lunatics?

  1. I’ve been dying to write my thoughts about this but I didn’t see it as appropriately “Christian” posting for the new year’s eve holiday affair — I can’t express how grateful I am that you did so, though. Man, this has ticked me off; I will write something about this after Tuesday, though. I promise. This is shameful behavior.

    • It is shameful. It disgusted me so thoroughly that I almost didn’t write anything about it — I wanted to ignore it completely. Obviously I couldn’t do it : )

  2. I can’t imagine Hillary faking something to get out of testifying. She’s a strong courageous woman. She’s been under a lot of stress. Her blood clot could’ve been the underlying factor as to why she passed out and fainted.

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