Republican logic: things that make sense only on Fox “news”

Norquist magic! 

Politicalprof: as I so often say, it all makes sense if you don’t think about it.


In reality, though, only 85 “Rs” voted to cut taxes for working and middle class Americans — 151 of them voted no because… rich people are what really matter.

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2 thoughts on “Republican logic: things that make sense only on Fox “news”

  1. I saw this. It’s absolutely amazing the way they think. It’s no wonder it takes so long to strike a deal. The agreed upon nomenclature is like the desert sand… changes all the time. Yes, they say, we will now call the white plastic cup a black goblet. How can we the people stop them from lying to us if they can’t even be honest with themselves. Thanks.

    Whoops. More. Is this the example that we’ll set for our kids? Is this the so called ethical and moral party standing up? “Johnny, how did that cookie get in your mouth? It just jumped in Mom!!!”

    Last thing I promise. It disturbs me alot that we’re on this path of absolute poloriazation. We’re all in it together. Thanks.

    Keep Blogging, Keep Writing.

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