Abandoned places: Pripyat Hospital, Chernobyl

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Trees have started to grow in front of the hospital’s entrance. The radiation has damaged their sense of orientation, leaving them to grow crooked in all directions. [Timm Suess]

Inside Chernobyl’s Abandoned Hospital – Timm Suess – The Atlantic: “A once-modern facility after 27 years of nuclear contamination and neglect Around midnight on March 26, 1986, the engineers at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant initiated a test of reactor number 4. The test went wrong and resulted in one of the most devastating nuclear accidents in history, leaving the area a contaminated exclusion zone. In the middle of that zone lies the city of Pripyat, home to 50,000 citizens, it was a modern symbol of progress until the accident. It had schools, public sporting grounds, shops, a cultural center, and a large hospital. Consisting of an inpatient building, three clinics, and a lab building, it had a capacity of 400 patients. Many of them were treated there for radiation sickness until the evacuation of the city.”

Hospital Mattresses.jpg
Unwashed mattresses next to an autoclave. [Timm Suess]

Hospital Corridor-4.jpg
One of the long hospital corridors. The higher the floor, the more desolate the state. [Timm Suess]

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Watch video via Chernobyl Journal (video #5) – in and around the Pripyat hospital area. Read the journal on http://timmsuess.com/chernobyl-journal:

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