The Red State Malingerers and the Sequester

With the sequester right around the corner, it’s important to point out that it will be Democrats fighting to reduce those automatic cuts to programs that ALL Americans rely on — and who will be trying to reduce some of those cuts with new revenue sources (something Republicans are REFUSING to consider, they say, and something they might be willing to shut down the government over). On the other hand, Republicans will be fighting to slash funding for all those programs so that the military-industrial complex can grow fatter, so that the one-percent can continue opening new off-shore accounts, and so that CEO bonuses can continue to increase exponentially.

Markos reminds the GOP base-rubes that if they’re not related to the Koch Brothers, then it’s actually the Democrats in Congress who will be fighting for their personal interests whether they want to believe it or not:

“… the Right has suddenly gotten a bug up its ass about SSI, as the issue morphs into the new “welfare queen.” But like anything else having to do with federal benefits, guess who is doing the mooching?

Map showing that recipients in Red States are far more likely to be receiving federal disability benefits.

Of the 15 states that have more than seven percent of the population on disability, 10 are Red states. The two states with the biggest percentage of the population on disability—Kentucky and West Virginia—are both VERY Red at the federal level.

And thus continues the greatest of modern political ironies—if Republicans got their way and drowned the federal government in a bathtub, it would be Republicans who suffered most.”

I think we understand how GOP voters are able to twist the logic: they deserve their benefits, while everyone else does not. Sort of like Paul Ryan with his granny-starver budget vs. all those SSI checks he collected for college.

Unfortunately for red-state malingerers, these cuts will not automatically skip over people who like to demand birth certificates, misspell signs, and wear tri-cornered hats. And that’s about the only good news I can offer.

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