When President Obama tried to lower amounts paid to contractors

Continuing the theme of this morning’s posts (1 and 2) on defense contractor pay vs. fed pay*, the President did try to reduce amounts paid to contractors. As I said in a previous post, ever notice Republicans never suggest reducing the pay of contractors (and especially defense contractors)? It’s always the federal workforce punished when the GOP wants to save a couple dollars. From The Washington Post:

The Obama administration also has pushed Congress to lower the amount paid to contractors. A year ago, a blog post from Leslie Field, acting administrator of the Office of Management and Budget’s office of federal procurement policy, said Obama wants “Congress to scrap an outdated law that requires taxpayers to foot the bill for excessive payments to CEOs and other senior executives of companies that contract with the Government.”

Because of that law, Field said taxpayers “have their hard-earned resources spent reimbursing contractor executives far in excess of what can be justified.”

In December, Congress considered, but did not approve a proposal to lower the cap. Instead, Congress told the Government Accountability Office to study the effect of reducing contractor compensation.

“Congress has had no problem freezing wages for one group of federal workers, yet many lawmakers have turned a blind eye to the outrageous salaries earned by another group,” Cox said. “Both workforces are paid for by American taxpayers. What’s the difference?”

I’ll tell you what the difference is: one group gives politicians a lot of money.

*Average defense contractor executive pay vs. federal worker pay: $760,000 vs. $45,000.

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