Don’t cry for me, Filipina

Wonkette: “Several news outlets — including your vaunted Washington Post — published a photograph of the handwritten notes former Rep. Gabby Giffords read from at a gun-control hearing [last week]. The lie? Giffords is not the one who wrote the notes. She can’t write up her own notes? What, is her brain not working right or something? Don’t worry, Michelle Malkin was on the case…”

In Conservativeland, this is considered the Big Reveal and somehow takes away from Gabby’s testimony and her current limitations and recovery. The thing is, I’m not sure how “mad” any “libs” were over hearing that Gabby is physically unable to write her own planned remarks, after sustaining a near-fatal bullet wound to the head two years ago.

One thing we do know: Malkin won her honorary ‘Angry Conservative White People’ award long ago by happily serving up this kind of garbage and mud for years and years. For example: as a child born on U.S. soil to Filipino immigrants over four decades ago, and who automatically became a citizen by virtue of the Fourteenth Amendment, who better to screech and froth against the evil of ‘anchor babies‘ on Fox ‘news’ than this Filipina-American? It all makes some kind of sense in Conservativeland (where the white people are angry and the sheep are afraid). Michelle Malkin is truly — albeit, honorarily — One of Them.

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