When Wayne LaPierre became a ‘dark joke’ at NRA headquarters

LaPierre did not come from gun culture. He wasn’t a hunter, a marksman, a military man or a Second Amendment activist. “He’s not a true believer,” says NRA biographer Osha Gray Davidson. “He’s the first NRA chief you can say that about.” According to NRA legend, LaPierre is actually a menace with a gun. NRA’s PR team once thought it would be sexy to film LaPierre at a firing range. “It was a nightmare,” an NRA staffer told Davidson. LaPierre was aiming downrange for the camera when an engineer called for a sound check. To answer the man, LaPierre swung around, but he failed to lower his rifle, aiming it directly at the engineer – before someone took the gun away from LaPierre. The incident, terrifying at the time, became a dark joke at NRA headquarters. Staffers behind on their projects were threatened that they’d have to “go hunting with Wayne.” (The NRA’s press office did not reply to Rolling Stone inquiries.) — The NRA vs. America | Rolling Stone

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3 thoughts on “When Wayne LaPierre became a ‘dark joke’ at NRA headquarters

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    What’s the first thing you’re taught whenever you pick up or handle a firearm of any kind(besides always assuming any weapon you’re handling is loaded regardless of what anyone says)…when pointing a firearm downrange, don’t point it in anybody’s direction. And THIS is the guy running the NRA? *shakes head in utter disbelief*

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