Our bond with dogs

“… there is definitely something special about the bond we have with dogs. Their ability to read our communicative gestures makes them seem “in tune” with us. And their attentiveness to our every move can’t help but make us feel special. There is one study that shows that dogs would prefer to spend time with humans than their own species, which is unusual for an animal. Every dog owner is familiar with that rise in spirits as a thumping tail greets you at the door, and from the enthusiasm dogs have for us, it’s hard to believe the feeling isn’t mutual.” — Dog behavioral scientist Brian Hare (image: thefrogman)

itsokaytobesmart: Check out the full interview with Brian Hare: The Brilliance of the Dog Mind at Scientific American. If you really want to dig into the mind of your drooly companion, Brian and his co-researcher wrote The Genius of Dogs.

Source: ForGIFs.com


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