Want to see President Obama “lashing out” at a cameraman?

Clear the children from the room and prepare yourself for 24 seconds of emotional bedlam – it’s not pretty:

So maybe not many (any?) of us would describe what transpired in that 24-second video as even remotely close to what we’d consider “lashing out” (as we currently understand the term on our home planet of Earth). However, that’s exactly how this man with the unfortunate head, Jim “Hurr Durr” Hoft, saw it.

Hurr Durr posted that video on his blaugh (Gateway Pundit) with the following description (my emphasis below):

Obama Berates Cameraman During Press Conference “Come on Guys! You’re Breaking My Flow!” (Video)

During his press conference today on fiscal issues and the upcoming sequester, Barack Obama lashed out at a cameraman in the Briefing Room, “What’s up cameraman? Come on guys. You’re breaking my flow all the time.” The rest of the lapdog media loved it.

First of all (and obviously), H.D. doesn’t use a dictionary. Doesn’t need one! Secondly, we can tell H.D.’s not a lapdog, right? Clearly. Not only DIDN’T Hoft “love it,” he hated it with every inch of his rather large head. And — here’s the important part – he’s so not a lapdog that he actually sees things that no one else can see.  Alternate-reality vision is like a weird, wingnutty gift.

It’s as if H.D. said to himself: “Self? The president doesn’t act like an angry black man. But that shouldn’t matter since he IS a black man, and that’s two out of three. Maybe if I describe humorous moments with the president and make it seem angry by using… words, then it won’t matter if my description doesn’t relate to what I’m describing. My readers love when I do that.”

So here’s to you, Jim Hoft, and your internal dialogue and your magic words and your readers. It’s no wonder conservatives are proud to call you a member of their team (and why all the other teams are so relieved).

[Via LGF, Wonkette]

obama2016 – ”What’s Up, Camera Man

Bonus comments from Hoft’s impressive readership below the cut: 

Republicans have such a fun sense of humor and they always seem so thoughtful and smart — especially on the internet. I can’t understand why their party is dying.

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