Fauxlibuster for fun and profit

It’s not out of a deep, personal belief or philosophy that the far-right teabagging wackjobs in Congress are against Obamacare. It’s about money and power and about the rich and powerful not losing any of it. As usual. Which politicians get their financial investment / support?

Ted Cruz’s Fake Fight Against Obamacare Is Making Millions — When Sen. Ted Cruz went to the Senate floor Tuesday to block a bill that would fund the federal government for the next two months, he said to the C-SPAN cameras, “We don’t need fake fights.  We don’t need fake votes.  What we need is real change.”  But at that moment, Cruz was leading a fake fight over a fake vote that nearly all in Washington agree would never actually defund Obamacare the way Cruz said it would.

The politicians who are willing to sell their opinions and time in the House and Senate to the highest bidders (such as Dick Armey’s Freedomworks,  Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund, and the Koch brothers’ Tea Party) will be rewarded with vast riches. Ted Cruz received many pieces of silver to get to the Senate and he’ll need much, much more for 2016:

…If anyone is still confused after the Obamacare funding fight (faux filibuster and all), Ted Cruz is now a 2016 contender and the SCF’s biggest ally. Its enemies are many of the men and women he shares a cloakroom with—any Republican senator who did not join in. That’s the part that has Cruz’s fellow Republicans fuming. Although the Fund has run just one ad against a Democrat (Sen. Mark Pryor) this cycle, it has taken the unprecedented step of running ads attacking seven GOP senators, including Mitch McConnell, Jeff Flake, and Lindsey Graham, for not opposing Obamacare enough, even though they all voted against the bill and said they would vote to defund it. Last week, the SCF announced it would also run ads against House Republicans if they fail to embrace the right defund strategy.

…According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the conservative pro-Cruz outside interest groups plowed millions into the [Texas Senate] primary, outspending the pro-Dewhurst super PACS and giving Cruz enough lift to win.  The top two super PACs supporting Cruz were Club for Growth Action, which spent more than $5.5 million to help elect Cruz, and the Senate Conservatives Fund and Senate Conservatives Action, which spent $1.3 million and gave Cruz more than any other candidate that cycle. Members of the Club for Growth and the SCF were also the top two sources for Cruz’s individual donors, with more than $1 million combined.

The bottomline is that these wealthy donors with their own personal Super PACs are worried about losing money when Obamacare goes into effect:


When the mega-rich can convince the starving masses in Red States to vote against their own self-interests (like affordable healthcare), you understand the importance of buying the right spokesmen early.

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