Profiles in cowardice: put your vote where your mouth is

Those moderate, supposedly responsible Republicans who have said that they would vote for a clean CR or a discharge petition to reopen the government (and essentially go against Boehner and The Extremists) are just another myth, like unicorns.

Several of them have talked a good game over the past few days, probably to appeal to mainstream America (where disapproval of how their party is handling this fiasco is clocking in at 73%). Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY) admitted that a clean budget bill could pass with around 150 Republican votes, but only if it were a secret ballot.

Every one of these politicians, including the Speaker, are terrified of the 80 or so tea party extremists — who represent only 18% of the country in gerrymandered districts — because of their wealthy benefactors. So forget Republican “leadership” and serving the “will of the people” or even “serving the country” – Party Before Country is the guiding theme here.

So how will they handle it when we reach the debt ceiling next week? Just like they handled the shutdown: vote in lockstep with the party, then complain a little in public to make it seem like the GOP still retains some sanity or courage.

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2 thoughts on “Profiles in cowardice: put your vote where your mouth is

  1. Your posts on the Tea Party Shutdown have been spot on. I have been in LA for almost all of the shutdown now and your posts have been more informative than every major news outlet. Certainly the media here has been lax on their coverage. I just wanted to commend you for that. Back home in Colorado, at least in my mouthbreathing Tea Party District, people couldn’t be happier, which saddens the hell out if me. In Colorado Springs has impacted big time by this shutdown. But the Tea Party morons in the city see this as some sort victory against “The Black President’s Tyranny”. Even though these same morons are now out of work and complaining how its Obama’s fault.
    Regardless, keep up the good posts.

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