About UTMB

I’m a mom in Colorado (that’s where the ‘good’ people in The Stand eventually end up). I collect stuff about (and sometimes voice my opinion on) politics, Armageddon, and other topics I love.* I will admit up front that I’m the worst blogger, ever (lazy, inconsistent, can get stuck on one thing for days…). But it’s not like anyone’s PAYING me for this either.

Also, too, I have a morbid fascination with things that repel me (i.e. GOP presidential candidates, Beck, Rush, the Teaparty, zombies, etc)… Why a bunker? FEAR.

ARE YOU PREPARED for December 21, 2012? (or the zombie apocalypse, health care reform, or Socialism?) If you’re not preparing, you’re not properly afraid of everything yet.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s always the END TIMES in one way or another. So we’re stockpiling our bunker with the usual: munitions, food, water and — thanks to Fox News and AM hate radio — GOLD!!

Also stockpiling squeak toys

Some Armageddon / Survival info (updated  infrequently):

  • Duck & cover!
  • null
  • Photograph of a basement family fallout shelter, ca.1957 that includes a 14-day food supply that could be stored indefinitely, a battery-operated radio, auxiliary light sources, a two-week supply of water, and first aid, sanitary, and other miscellaneous supplies and equipment.
  • null
  • Safe Room! A safe room is an ultra-secure location within a residence. The concept of a safe room is simple…prepare a room within the interior of the home where the family can safely retreat during a home invasion or other terrorist threat and summon help.


  • Order this poncho, which is good for emergencies or SPACE.

Illustrated tips:



* Other random (favorite) topics: abandoned places, philosophy, religion, horror, sci-fi, zombies, ballet, books, animals and – in no particular order – Jon & Stephen, Hamm, Keanu, RDJ, Keanu & RDJ, Clooney, Colin Farrell, Aidan Turner (the Irish one), Alec Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg, Batman, and the President and Rahm. Random images are mostly found here.  Submissions to the collection are always welcome!

Disclaimer: This is a personal web site. Statements / opinions on this site are my own and do not represent the views or policies of anyone or anything else.

Comments, complaints, conspiracies: underthemountainbunker (at) gmail (dot) com

72 thoughts on “About UTMB

  1. I love your site. I am going to throw some links your way from my site.
    Keep it up….well, at least until the sky opens up and we all burn. ;)

  2. No doubt you have come across the Teabag Bully Brigade (Roseburg, Oregon) intimidating a group of Freethinkers.
    I look forward to your thoughts.

  3. great site…. how about a clearing house for people to get together. I’m male, 62, with skills and some supplies, looking for others for extended camping trip anywhere safe. On the road at the moment looking and praying for guidance. tenorbud2@gmail.com

  4. The British govt having advised the britsh people.

    If being a nuclear attack / the safest place for the
    family /is in taking shelter under the dinning table
    which will protect the family from falling masionary
    such is the clear advice of the British government.

    Thus the british have no fear being best prepared
    to deal with an situation in facing a nuclear attack.

  5. Well, I’m paying attention to your blog. I was first drawn to you awhile ago by the subtitle: Come for the Apocalypse — stay for the coffee. Excellent title for a book, by the way.

    Anyway, I’m in agreement with Michael and glad to know I’m not alone in this insanity. This week I’d had it with all the crazies and decided “Jesus must be pissed”! Drop by when you get a chance. I think you might like my protest letter to God on behalf of all the sane people. I hope it makes you laugh and know that you’ve met another kindred spirit. Take care. I’ll be back.

  6. Greetings from an English prepper, or as he is known in certain quarters “that nutter”.
    Excellent blog and although doom laden, very entertaining!

    Happy New Year to you! :)

  7. Stay the course Mom from Colorado ! I love your site and read it everyday, a breath of fresh air, nothing like Fact not opinion’s to make a Republi-con’s and or a Teahadist head explode ! A Happy New Year !

  8. Reality check. Your website represents just another symptom of modernism. This is nothing more than one of an infinite number of “shades of grey” in the ad nauseum epistemological hypocrisy of meaningless individualistic reductionism displayed again in your effort to make esoteric, existential adventurism public…what a contradiction. The empathy of those who claim to love your site is really just a nuanced manner of saying “oh, I love to masturbate too”. I would enjoin you as one who has more respect for your humanity and divine image-bearing than you do to quit this amusing yourself to death and genuinely fear God and gratefully live for His purposes. Your life is but a vapor, consider your purpose beyond this fleeting temporal existence.

    • God has taught me much. One thing is to not preach to others or condemn. We are all unique, we all deserve respect.
      Madam, your life is not a vapour. I think you are quite unique, intelligent, witty and more than capable of dealing with comments from folk with distorted mindsets on how others see the world :)

      • Cromwell can you translate what KRT said..sounds a little too pompous for my down the earth existence. Liked your answer, Jesus could not have said it better.
        Madam lacks sense of humor …what a pity!

    • Reality check #2:
      Blogs are affirmative and positive, that’s the spirit. Something you seem to have not learned yet. If you do not agree with what is expressed in a blog, you simply DO NOT COMMENT (not to say “attack”).
      You are certainly not expressing an opinon on the IDEAS or FACTS stated in the post, but assuming the attributes and personality of the lady and all of us who too, consider it’s worth to think independently from what they try to sell us (politicians, corporations, churches and to some extent religions included).
      Instead you are straightly judging persons from your only point of view/beliefs.
      This kind of opinions in the virtual social media are strongly rejected (exactly the same as in the real world), so you’d better keep it to yourself, for they are of no use.
      In the end, with statements like the one above, you are contributing to spread anger, hatred, division, instead of love, respect, consideration and empathy.
      And we must believe you are devoted to God??????

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  10. Love this site: dear bunnies and kitties plus damning graphs and charts about revolting GOP types. Everything I need to get thru the day. The internet revolution is helping to change the world and Ms. Colorado is leading the way!

  11. Enjoy your blog. For me it is a unique perspective from a feminine view. You write extraordinarily. Obviously well educated. Just thought I’d let you know, keep up the good work. The poncho link is broken.

  12. UTMB: You posts are amazing. Are you sure you weren’t a bad-ass revolutionary in a former life? And, btw, and hopefully with your permission, I’ve linked to your blog. RT

  13. I have read through your hate filled rants for about ten minutes. Rarely does one find so much hate and loathing in one blog. You should be proud of your accomplishments, but are you happy? Oh, yeah! I forgot. Of course, you are happy. They all say they are happy. However, I think we all know the truth.

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  15. While I newly blog on alternative health for animals, I do value a humorous break such as what you’ve written here, my dear. Brilliant. I’d guess there’s probably an apocalypse planned by someone somewhere most every day of every year, right? And planning right down to how to alert your neighbors to feed the kitties if you are raptured! Love it. I’ll be back. And when my blog grows up to have a blog roll, you’re definitely on it.

  16. You are awesome. Thanks and please keep it up. Btw Ted Nugent is crazier than batshit, but we all know this. Hopefully he ends up in a shootout with the FBI–go ahead Ted and make our day.

  17. Good work – keep it up. By the way – KRT up there is hilarious – look what happens when you take yourself too seriously and know lots of fancy phrases (without really saying much)! Anyway, stumbled upon your effort here and am glad I did.

    • What you said. I actually scrolled up to find KRT because of your comment. Interesting, I don’t think I would seek out blogs with different points of view just to leave a little diatribe. I’m staying for coffee. :)

  18. Interesting blog…how I came to it I don’t know, but I know I was searching for outdoor furniture, and this site comes up. Anyhoo, I can follow this blog so long as I can also talk about the things that repulse me as well (ie leftwing democrats, msnbc, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Sheila Jackson Lee, anti-Semites, Caucasiaphobics, OWS types, Latinophobics, Ed Schultz, Bobby Rush, Lawrence O’Donnell, Maxine Waters, Alan Grayson, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Anthony Weiner, et al). While I don’t live under ground, my bunker/ home is the essence of urban traquility and architectural finesse. Sam Colt, bothers Smith & Wesson, Mr’s Heckler & Koch, as well as Senor Gaston Glock decorate my home’s interior in a most discreet and indiscernible way.

    Thank you for allowing me to blog on this most august site. ;)

  19. I am happy to see you are a mom. I had you pictured a gay man in my head, so now you and I have even more in common than our political leanings. Enjoy your rants, your truth and your occasional giggle photos of furry fuzzballs.

  20. Love you! Please rant often from now until the election….well and beyond! Notify me via email for new posts as I am highly disorganized (the first step is knowing you are disorganized) and do not want to miss your wit. Thanks

  21. Excellent blog! Love the simplicity and humor! I tried to leave this comment using a political blog I’m putting together [Burnt Toast Economy], but so far no luck. So for now I’m known as 5past50. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon. Anyhow, just had to drop in to say love your site and keep up the good work!
    PS I clicked to follow :D

  22. I have to give you an “A” for your blog. It has exactly the right amount of creativity, love, fear, and hope. It’s good to be scared to death because it makes you feel so alive. Thanks. Keep Blogging. Keep Writing.

    • UTMB is the bright spot of my days! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Love the name “San Fran Wack Job”, did you pick that name for yourself or did sombody else that knows you well give it to you? Even closed minds are welcome here, it’s a democracy after all!

  23. I smoke a lot of weed and drool a little bit when I smile, which happens a lot because I am usually so baked. Do you think the rethugs h8 Obama because his is black? I h8 them because they are so pasty, and don’t like weed, or sex, or civil rights. Your blog makes me drool a lot.

  24. You are a naive person who appears to be incapable of critical thinking. Your example of Ambridge, PA proves it. The cost of labor is too high because of unions so the steel industry leaves the USA and we import steel from lower cost places. And your solution is to increase the minimum wage. You don’t like this country. There are socialist countries in the world. Why don’t you move to one of them?

    • It’s a beautiful photograph and I apologize for the incorrect attribution I copied from the source. I’ve corrected the post to show your name as the photographer with a link to your page. Thanks very much!

  25. Stumbled on your site when looking for an FDR quote on Fascism. I love this! It’s always been apparent that Liberals have a sense of humor. I am thankful for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for the “humorous” spin they put on the antics of the GOP and FOX “News”. I just found another place that’s made me laugh. Shall I bring homemade pastries to have with the coffee?

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