Hey, low-income white people with Obama Derangement Syndrome: Romney hates you too

Happy voting though! When Romney said all those things about half of America, he was talking about his supporters too — and he KNOWS it won’t matter to those people. He knows they’ll vote for him no matter what he says or does. Mitt knows they hate Obama more than they value, or could ever hope to change, their own lives and futures. This kind of allegiance — or deranged commitment — to a political party, no matter who the party props up as a candidate, no matter how the party would harm one’s own personal situation, illustrates why the modern Republican base voter is completely different from every other voter in America.

According to Gallup’s polling from the tracking period of Aug. 27-Sept. 16, 34 percent of voters whose household incomes are less than $24,000 a year support Romney. Obama easily wins among those voters, earning the support of 58 percent. As Gallup points out, a significant portion of the individuals who pay no income tax are the same voters in the lowest income bracket, roughly a third of whom intend to vote for Romney, not Obama. — Gallup: One-Third Of Lowest Income Voters Support Romney

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Mitt Romney says Americans who don’t pay income tax will never vote for him. But, eight of the top 10 states with the highest number of nonpayers tend to vote Republican. (via: theatlantic)

[Image: Tax Foundation]