Conservative Senators introduce a bill to enrich health insurers and screw over the consumers

This figures: Senate Republicans and two DINOs have introduced a bill to take away money that was designated to go to consumers as part of the Affordable Care Act, in the 80 / 20 ratio:

New Legislation Would Pad Health Insurance Coffers While Screwing Over Consumers

As part of the Affordable Care Act, health insurers must spend at least 80% of the money they earn from premiums on actually providing health care, with the remaining cash used to cover all administrative, advertising and payroll costs. Those insurers with plans that don’t follow this ratio are soon supposed to start giving the extra money back in refunds and discounts. But new legislation introduced in the Senate this week could jeopardize this, while giving insurance companies even more money to stick in their dog pillows.

The bill, introduced by Senator Mary Landrieu (DINO) of Louisiana and co-sponsored by John Isakson (R) of Georgia, Lisa Murkowski (R) of Alaska and Nebraska’s Ben Nelson (DINO), is intended “to preserve consumer and employer access to licensed independent insurance producers” by eliminating insurance broker commissions from the administrative overhead.

Does that “intent” sound like bullshit to you? Does to me. Broker commissions not coming out of insurance companies’ overhead helps WHO exactly? That’s right. It helps insurance companies and those who receive commissions.

So under the current rules, an insurer that takes in $100 million dollars in premiums must spend $80 million on paying for health care and those broker commissions are included in the remaining $20 million.

But if this bill becomes law, those commissions — let’s just put a number of $3 million on them for this example — would no longer be part of the equation. That would mean the insurer would only have to spend $77.6 million on health care but would now have $22.4 million to use for its own purposes.

The National Association of Insurance found that altering the rule to remove broker compensation will result in a loss of more than 60% of forthcoming rebates for consumers.

Conservatives in Congress like Landrieu, Isakson, Murkowski, and Nelson just can’t stop themselves from fighting for the best interests of the corporations and the one percent.

And, by the way, this is part of Obamacare, part of health care reform, so would all the Republican base voters who hate, hate, hate Obama and the Democratic Party, and pay for health insurance, please explain how this new conservative trick bill will work out better for them personally? I’d like to hear that argument.

Senators Nelson (D-NE) and Tester (D-MT), voted with the GOP to tell the 99percent to go f*ck themselves

SO YOU WANT TO BLAME OBAMA FOR EVERYTHING? Here’s what happened with the jobs bill last night. It needed 60 votes and it failed, 50 to 49:

At least two Democrats voted with Republican senators to continue debate, essentially killing the bill in its current form.

“I can’t support this bill because it represents billions of dollars in new spending and more taxes,” said Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., explaining his “no” vote on the motion to end debate and move to a final vote on passage of the bill.

Nelson is facing a tough re-election battle next year in a state where Obama got 42 percent of the vote in 2008.

Also facing a re-election battle in 2012 is another Democrat who voted “no,” Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, a state Obama barely lost in 2008.

APPARENTLY ONE OF THE MAIN factors the GOP says they can’t accept (as if they need a reason to vote ‘no’) is the “millionaire’s tax” to fund job initiatives:

Republicans vehemently oppose a recently added provision that would fund the measure through a 5.6% surtax on annual incomes over $1 million. GOP leaders have accused the president of engaging in so-called “class warfare” for political reasons, while Democrats have called the proposal fair and accused their opponents of taking the side of the rich over the vast majority of Americans.


First, an astounding 75% of Americans back raising taxes on individuals making more than $1 million a year, according to an October 5 Washington Post/ABC News poll. This includes 89% of Democrats, 75% of independents, 57% of Republicans and 55% of Tea Party supporters.

AREN’T THESE ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES supposed to be representing what we, the people, want? Apparently the Republican party believes they can do as they like and their voting base will always be there to support them. And that’s probably true.

But a jobs bill for the unemployed, paid for by the one percent who have benefited the most over the past three decades — but especially during the financial crisis — isn’t only completely reasonable and fair, it’s supported by the 99 percent. Too bad the GOP only represents the one percent, who already got enormous bail-outs from our government.