Morning coffee: Thursday


Suddenly, Thursday.

Morning coffee: Wednesday


Nearly there.

Morning coffee: Wednesday

by Christian Gendron

We’re now halfway to a destination… in any direction.

Morning coffee: Thursday

artmoniaBatman In Texas – Beautiful Black And White Photographs by French photographer Remi Noël.

Some Thursdays feel exactly like this.

Morning coffee: Wednesday


It’s mid-week but Thanksgiving is just around that bend…

Morning coffee: Monday / Day 7


May your morning commute be pleasant.

And may there be a resolution soon for feds who are working without pay, and for feds who are furloughed from their jobs completely.

Morning coffee

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Back to Monday…

We didn’t know what to do with ourselves last night without TWD… but is anyone else excited about the return of The Killing in June? This weekend I finally noticed that Linden is Brad Pitt’s wife in WWZ. I’m slow, I guess. And is the weather crazy where you are? Here’s what we have to look forward to over the next 24 hours — and that’s after it gets up to 66° today. Then it’s supposed to be back to the 50s by Friday.

Times Square, NYC

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NYC Summer, 1949

Two women walking down the street in NYC, 1949 (via: fuckyeahvintage-retro)

Jump right back in

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Breakfast with Kermit


Threat Level: Thursday

No, it’s not Friday yet.

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