23 Aug: Morning in the bunker


Park51 Mosque:

  • Fabricated conservative outrage: In 2006, @GlennBeck Praised “Ground Zero Mosque” Imam Rauf [Oliver Willis]
  • Jihad! [Bob Cesca] — exactly what fundamentalist Christians want: a Holy War — bring on the #Rapture!


  • The Clark Griswold president? CBS’s Mark Knoller, the unofficial keeper of such things, said Obama has taken 48 days off since his inauguration. At this point in Bush’s presidency, he’d taken 155 days off. [Bob Cesca]
  • In the past week, Obama’s approval has hit a new low: “it now stands at 42 percent, virtually identical to Reagan’s in August 1982.” [WaPo]


  • Paul Krugman observes Bush tax cuts will give $3 million EACH to the richest 120,000 people [Krugman]
  • What’s Wrong With Wingnuts: (1) Paul-tarded economics (2) declare holy war (3) criminalize science [Matt Osborne]
  • Fox News scrubbing Wikipedia entry on their $1 Million donation to GOP [DaillyKos]
  • Dick Armey leader of Freedomworks says Medicare and Social Security need to be ended [JoeWo]
  • Conservatives hate Socialism – except when they love Socialism [ThinkProgress]


  • New rules designed to protect credit card users from “unreasonable late payment and other penalty fees” come into force Sunday as a result of the Wall Street reform bill. [CNN]
  • Chile: miners alive but rescue may be MONTHS away [CSMonitor]
  • Half-billion bad eggs, more could be recalled: FDA to aggressively investigate salmonella outbreak that has sickened 1,300 [MSNBC]