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Stephen Colbert dances with Hugh Laurie, Jeff Bridges, Jimmy Fallon, Bryan Cranston, Henry Kissinger, and Matt Damon to super hit ‘Get Lucky’ after MTV forced Daft Punk to cancel their performance on his show. (via)

OR maybe they’re all happy it’s Friday. Have this kind of day!

The Petraeus Affair: Erica Kane reveals all



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Fox: conservative infotainment


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Stephen Colbert on the GOP: TEAM RAPE!

ihatepeacocks: Oh Republicans, you were so close to 2 full weeks, so close.

Autumn with Mitt Romney

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Think about this, Republican base voters

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Why indeed.

Remember there’s one pointed question which Paul Ryan never answered last night: “Can you guarantee that no one making less than $100,000 would have a mortgage deduction impacted?”

Stephen Colbert says Mitt Romney has plenty of foreign policy experience

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Don’t pay 15¢ more for a Romney-supporting Papa John’s hot turd pie!

Instead, pay 15¢ more at another pizza place (a better pizza place) — because 15¢ is a small price to pay for more people in America having health care.

Last night, Stephen Colbert took President Obama to task over the less than 1% increase Obamacare is adding to the price of Papa John’s pizza. Click the image to watch. (via: comedycentral)

And another thing:

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Romneycare by any other name (is called Obamacare)

Another video flashback of Mitt having an opinion in the past that completely contradicts his current “severely Republican” opinion, which I like to call: “That’s so Romney!

Video from 2006 of Mitt Romney describing his Massachusetts health care law and the funding Romney describes as a “tax or other penalties to ensure that everybody comes into the system,” compelling the wealthy to buy insurance — like President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. — Buzzfeed


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Mitt Romney 2012: Oh, f*&k it, just make me president, okay?!

Stephen Colbert on Journalism+ — Stepping in Doocy


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Stephen Colbert on Romney’s remark that banks are feeling the same thing that you’re feeling

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Stephen Colbert: free birth control will wipe out the human race!

Free birth control will wipe out the American race! That’s what wiped out the dinosaurs – a bowl of free condoms. Though I don’t know how the T-rex got them on.

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Stephen has a point

“Twenty-nine percent is low.  But he’d probably be doing better if he wasn’t trying to kill Harry Potter.”STEPHEN COLBERT, on Florida governor Rick Scott’s low approval ratings, on The Colbert Report


Stephen Colbert: “Republican politicians are man enough to hit that thing.”

“Democrats don’t share our values. An elected official is tweeting dirty photos of himself to strange women who he never meets for sex? Come on! At least Republican Chris Lee was trying to get some action! Republican politicians are man enough to hit that thing. Ensign, Vitter, even when it’s a gay scandal! They’re not tweeting love letters. They’re tearing up an airport bathroom until somebody calls the cops on them!”


Signs of the Apocalypse: Thursday’s links

Stephen Colbert discusses Breitbart passing around Anthony Weiner’s pic to everyone at the Opie & Anthony Show:


Andrew Breitbart (recorded): “I went on the Opie & Anthony Show. I’m friends with one of the guys there. And I just decided, before I went to the airport, why not stop in for some highjinx…”

Stephen Colbert: “Yes, highjinx! As a journalist, Andrew Breitbart engages in only the highest of jinx.”

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