Stephen Colbert on Palin’s ‘One Nation’ bus tour

“Speaking of second place: Sarah Palin. The former half-governor shook up the presidential race this weekend, launching her ‘One Nation’ bus tour visiting our nation’s historic sites. And of course, the ‘lamestream’ media ambushed Palin with ‘gotcha’ questions, like ‘Where are you going?’ and ‘Why are you doing this?’” — STEPHEN COLBERT, The Colbert Report

“No matter what she does, people start asking: why is this happening?”

“Ching! Chong! Cho.. Ching! Chong!Ching! Chong! Ching! Chong! Ching! Chong!” ~ Rush Limbaugh imitating Chinese president Hu Jintao

Colbert translates for Rush: “My favorite donut is EVERY donut… my chair smells like a cat shelter.”


Why does Rush do and say things like this? His audience. The Dittoheads. Rush reinforces what they already think, what they consider funny, which is making fun of anything or anyone they feel threatened by (the non “real ‘Muricans”). It’s as if they say to themselves: “If ol’ Rushbo says it, I must be okay… because he’s rich and has a radio show. So I think exactly like a rich guy with a radio show!”




Deets on the dueling rallies: 10/30/10

Vanity Fair has the deets:

On last night’s Daily Show and Colbert Report hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, respectively, announced that they would be holding concurrent rallies on the Mall, in Washington, D.C., on October 30. Stewart’s event, the Rally to Restore Sanity, will urge citizens to “take it down a notch for America.” This means, according to the host, attendees are assembling to encourage others to ”stop shouting, throwing and drawing Hitler mustaches on people other than Hitler.” Colbert’s convention, “Keep Fear Alive,” aspires to achieve precisely the opposite. According to PopEater, in a press release about the event, Comedy Central gave its word that the rivaling rallies would “bigger than Nixon/Kennedy, Ali/Foreman, Aniston/Jolie, 50/Nas, Joe/the Volcano, Alien/Predator, Bunny/Fudd and Ecks/Sever combined.” Another question, though, is whether the pow-wow will garner the same turn-out and press coverage as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’s Restoring Honor, a summertime Tea Party variety show, which drew crowd of anywhere from 100,00 to a million, depending on who‘s lying to you.

Joe.My.God: Who’s down? I’m thinking about attending and have already gotten emails from friends in Chicago and San Francisco who are flying in.

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See videos of announcements on Daily Show / Colbert Report from Thursday HERE


Pick a side! 10/30/10 on the Washington Mall

Rally To Restore Sanity

March To Keep Fear Alive

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(Videos) Daily Show / Colbert Report rally announcements — it’s real!!

Daily Show — Take it down a notch for America:

Colbert Report — Notch it up a scoch!

The websites — pick a side:

Related: Pick a side! 10/30/10 on the Washington Mall




(Video) Colbert acknowledges the “Restoring Truthiness” rally movement

Stephen is awaiting his own ‘sign from God,’ like Glenn’s miraculous geese flyover.


Follow Up of the Day: Stephen Colbert offered his first official acknowledgment of the “Restore Truthiness” rally movement on last night’s Colbert Report…

The Colbert Rally website has already begun planning their next move: Sending Colbert a sign from God.

(Video) Colbert on Beck’s rally

Since Stephen and Jon Stewart are off for two weeks, here’s what Colbert thought about Glenn’s 8/28 rally in May:

Glenn to the Mountaintop

Every time Glenn Beck says something King-like, he moves away from being a rodeo clown towards the mountaintop with Martin Luther King. (08:18)

(Video) Soon, Glenn will be appearing in America’s grilled cheese sandwiches

Besides the date, the location, the march and the threat of assassination, Glenn Beck’s rally has nothing to do with Martin Luther King Jr. (06:14)



Colbert: A tax bomb! Quick, rich people, to your tax shelters!

Mocking the deficit “hawks.”

BruinKid: Stephen Colbert had an incredible segment last night, where he basically destroyed the deficit hawks’ argument, and even showed how unrealistic the very concept of Reaganomics and the “trickle down theory” is, as he used delicious satire to blast the Republicans for blocking unemployment benefits for millions of Americans, claiming they’re concerned about adding to the deficit, while not caring about adding MUCH more to the deficit by keeping the Bush tax cuts for only the wealthiest of Americans.